Eric Deibel

Sociology, Social Sciences Institute (MUSSI)

Senior Postdoctoral Researcher


Eric  Deibel arrived in Maynooth in the summer of 2023 to do research on topics related to AI, responsibility, and auditing with ADAPT. Additionally he teaches a course on "Technology and Culture".

He received his Ph.D. in Science and Technology Studies (STS) from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.After completing his PhD he won an Andrew W. Mellon fellowship at the university of Indiana-Bloomington and an IFRIS research fellowship (Institut Francilien Recherche Innovation Société) in Paris. He spend time at the university of Delft and as a lecturer and assistant professor at Bilkent University.

During this time he developed a comprehensive research agenda examining the relation between “life” and “information”. More specifically most of his work revolved around how the life sciences and related bio-economies are build on facts, data, and artifacts. He has also written on global governance as influenced by the changing understanding of life and nature in fields such as AI, trade (patents/IP), health (biomedicine) as well as agriculture and climate change (GMOs). His latest books are ‘Recoding Life: Information and the Biopolitical (Routledge, 2019) and ‘Rousseau and the Future of Freedom’ (Routledge, 2023).