Dr Yinya Liu

Chinese, School of Modern Languages

Assistant Professor in Chinese Studies - Subject Leader

Rye Hall Building, Block D
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Yinya Liu, B.Phil., M.Phil., PhD, received both of her Bachelor and Master degrees in Philosophy from Sun Yat-Sen University in Guangzhou, China and obtained her PhD at Maynooth University (MU). She worked in the Department of Philosophy (MU), Department of Chinese Studies (DCU) and International Strategic Collaboration Programme (ISCP-China, Science Foundation Ireland) before joining the School of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures in Maynooth University in 2015. 

Research Interests

Ethics, Chinese Philosophy, Chinese Literature, Comparative Philosophy, Philosophy in Literature, Chinese Buddhism


Year Publication
2012 Feng, Dawen (original author), Liu,Yinya (translator) (2012) The Outline of Chinese Classical Philosophy. Chicago: KF Publishing Company Group.

Book Chapter

Year Publication
2021 Yinya Liu (2021) 'Bruce Lee: His Jeet Kune Do, His Movies and His Legacy' In: The Routledge Handbook of Sport in Asia. Abingdon : Routledge.
2020 Liu Y. (2020) 'National identity, religious identity and their impacts on subjective well- being-a case study on chinese catholics in Ireland' In: Chinese National Identity in the Age of Globalisation. [DOI]
2018 Liu, Yinya (2018) 'The Development of Social Media and its Impact on the Intercultural Exchange of the Olympic Movement, 2004–2012' In: Olympics in Conflict From the Games of the New Emerging Forces to the Rio Olympics. London and New York : Routledge.
2016 Liu, Yinya (2016) 'Neo-confucian theory on the self-other relationship: Rethinking the concept of responsibility' In: Conflict and Communication: A Changing Asia in a Globalizing World - Social and Political Perspectives. New York : Nova Science Publishers.
2016 Liu, Yinya (2016) 'Discussion of the Ethical Significance of Language in the Philosophy of Heidegger and Levinas' In: Maynooth Philosophical Papers, Issue 8. Ireland : Philosophy, Maynooth.
2013 Liu, Yinya (2013) '社会神学志向倫理としてのキリスト論の非宗教的解釈' In: 東アジアでボンヘッファーを読む東アジア. Tokyo : ボンヘッファー学会.
2011 Wang, Zhanpeng; Sun, Chong; Liu, Yinya (2011) 'Chinese Studies in Ireland (1979-2009)' In: Sino-Irish Relations: Cross-Cultural Perspectives. Beijing : World Knowledge Publisher.
2008 Liu, Yinya (2008) 'Non-Religious Interpretation of Christianity: Research of the Late Thought of Bonhoeffer' In: Religious Theory and Contemporary Theology. Hong Kong : Han Yu Cultural Press.
2001 Liu, Yinya, Et Al. (2001) 'Reflection Between Love and Life: Research on University Psychological Counselling' In: Reflection Between Love and Life: Research on University Psychological Counselling. Guang Dong : Guang Dong People’s Publisher.

Peer Reviewed Journal

Year Publication
2016 Liu Y. (2016) 'The development of social media and its impact on the intercultural exchange of the Olympic movement, 2004–2012'. International Journal of the History of Sport, 33 (12):1395-1410. [DOI] [Full-Text]

Other Journal

Year Publication
2014 Liu, Yinya (2014) 'Criteria of Evaluation will provide space for the discussion on the development of knowledge – A perspective of Interdisciplinary Research Evaluation' South Texas Law Review, 653 .

Conference Publication

Year Publication
2013 Liu, Yinya (2013) Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the Contemporary World: Dietrich Bonhoeffer Conference in East Asia 2013 Non-religious Interpretation of Christology as Social Theologically-Oriented Ethics

Conference Contribution

Year Publication
2019 Yinya Liu (2019) Chinese National Identity in the Age of Globalization National identity, religious identity and their impacts on the evaluation of subjective well-being from a reflective and tentative approach - Chinese Catholics in Ireland as a case study Maynooth, .
2018 Liu, Yinya (2018) World Congress on Metaphysics Some Genetic Ideas on Ideogrammatic Writing for a Metaphysical Consideration of Artificial Intelligence Salamanca, Spain, .
2017 Liu, Yinya (2017) The Place of Memory and Memory of Place Ethical Significance for Understanding the Past and Meeting the Future Cambridge, UK, .
2014 Liu, Yinya (2014) Re-thinking Responsibility Re-thinking Responsibility Beijing, .
2013 Liu, Yinya (2013) 18th International Conference of the International Society for Chinese Philosophy (ISCP) Ethical Transformation – A Comparative Approach inspired by Levinas’s Thought New York, .
2012 Liu, Yinya (2012) 4th Annual Conference of the Asian Studies Ireland Association Some Reflections on Teaching Chinese Philosophy in Ireland Cork, Ireland, .
2010 Liu, Yinya (2010) Readings of Difficult Freedom Difficult Freedom Toulouse, France, .
2010 Liu, Yinya (2010) Responsibility, the Other and Language Responsibility, the Other and Language Maynooth, .
2009 Liu, Yinya (2009) the Irish Philosophical Society Autumn Conference “‘Truth’ and ‘Religion’ in Bonhoeffer and Levinas Belfast, .
2008 Liu, Yinya (2008) the North American Levinas Society (NALS) Third Annual Conference and Meeting: “Levinas and the Sacred” Dasein, the Other, and the Sacred Seattle, .

Published Report

Year Publication
2014 Liu, Yinya; Humphreys, Joe (2014) Unthinkable: Which ‘golden rule’ of ethics is best, the Christian or Confucian?. The Irish Times, .
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The Association of China-Ireland Academics The Association of China-Ireland Academics (ACIA) is a non-political, non-religious and non-profit organisation. The Association actively participates, organizes and promotes cooperative activities in the areas of science, technology and cultural exchange, particularly interested in promoting bi-national cooperation between Ireland and China in education and academic research. 15/08/2016 -