Undergraduate courses

Our department provides lecture courses and laboratories as part of the following undergraduate courses:

B.Sc. Honours Science (with Experimental Physics) - MH201 (4 years)
B.Sc. Honours Physics with Astrophysics - MH204 (4 years)
B.Sc. Honours Science Education (with Experimental Physics) - MH212 (4 years)

For general information about these undergraduate courses, click on the links above this sentence.  For information about the Experimental Physics content in these courses, click on the links in the menu on the left.  

Post-graduate research

Persons wishing to enter post-graduate research must first make contact with a prospective supervisor within the Department of Experimental Physics to agree on a possible research topic and to discuss possible funding options. Contact details can be found by clicking on each of our research areas in astronomy and experimental physics.  General information about MSc and PhD degrees can be found via the links at the bottom of this page.