Trauma-Informed Care in Human Service Settings: New Micro Credential Course

Monday, May 15, 2023 - 14:45

With increasing demand for quality professional programmes in trauma-informed practice, Maynooth University Department of Education are delighted to offer a new Micro Credential Course in Trauma Informed Care, led by Dr Catriona O’Toole.

Course Description
This programme is aimed at practitioners who are working in contexts where trauma is impacting on the individuals and communities they serve. The module explores the nature, prevalence and impact of trauma, drawing on the latest theory and research in the field. Content includes, adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), attachment disruption, community adversity, intergenerational trauma, and the conditions necessary for healing and resilience. Through discussion, reflective journalling and critical praxis, practitioners will develop an understanding of people’s lived experience through a trauma lens, and explore the implications for trauma-informed education, care, or service design within their organisations. With a strong grounding in mindful compassion, the module also supports practitioners to develop their own self-care strategies to help protect against vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue.
At the end of the module students will be able to:

- Explain how trauma impacts mind, body and behaviour.
- Discuss trauma in relation to social injustices and the negative operation of power.
- Discuss the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to practice trauma-informed care in various contexts.
- Reflect upon one’s own practice and work environment to identify barriers and facilitators to adopting trauma-informed approaches.
- Identify ways to embed trauma-informed principles into one’s own practice.
- Consider and utilise self-care and self-compassion strategies and reflect on systemic structures required to enhance practitioner wellbeing.

When: Tuesday evenings 14th November – 19th December, 5-8:30pm 2023 (6 Tuesdays in total)
Where: In-person, Maynooth University School of Education
Cost: €1000

Applications will open on PAC over the coming weeks. Watch this space for updates or register your interest here.