Call for Papers - Feminist Fabulations in Algorithmic Empires

Thursday, March 23, 2023 - 20:45

Colleagues, can I (Dr. Jeneen Naji) please draw your attention to a call for papers for open access publication for a research topic entitled :
Feminist Fabulations in Algorithmic Empires

which I am editing along with Dr Izzy Fox and Dr Abdelmjid Kettioui as part of the Full Stack Feminism in Digital Humanities Project (FSFDH) funded by UKRI-AHRC and the Irish Research Council under the ‘UK-Ireland Collaboration in the Digital Humanities Research Grants Call’ (grant numbers AH/W001667/1 and IRC/W001667/1).

We seek to recognize and explore cultural methods of survival and resistance within existing biased, market-driven digital empires. This will be done by creating a collection of scholarly research that foregrounds storytelling and embodiment, not just as a means of reimagining lost or partial accounts of marginalized lives, or misrepresentations of the past, but also as a way of imagining alternative intersectional feminist futures and technologies, based on creativity, playfulness, and diversity. Fabulation refers to the way we tell stories and has recently emerged as a useful concept to reemphasize and recentre human pluralities in contemporary technocentric digital systems. Prioritizing storytelling and embodiment helps to decentre dominant perspectives, histories, technologies, and practices. For example, the term 'provenancial fabulation' serves to "decenter 'the archival gaze,'” which is understood to be white, cis, powerful, and male (Lapp 2021, 120), disrupting notions of “singular, central creator bodies—to instead account for difference, contention, and the entangled nature of feminist lives and histories” (ibid.). This framing invites contributions that focus on the way in which digitally-mediated storytelling is leveraged as a mode of challenging biases that manifest all levels of the development and data life cycle of digital technologies—from design to implementation, from processes of datafication to dissemination, and from the machine code right to the infrastructure layers above—and that are reflective of wider societal injustices and inequalities.


The Research Topic welcomes submissions including, but not limited to, the following general areas:

• creative collaboration
• digital post-colonialism
• algorithmic bias
• critical fabulation
• digital art
• community/critical archives
• feminist ethics of care
• digitally-mediated storytelling
• feminist HCI
• critical/provenancial fabulation
• speculative design
• design/data justice
• creative coding
• somatechnics
• modernity/decoloniality.

Submissions that apply an intersectional feminist lens to digital technologies are particularly welcome, as the biases that manifest therein are reflective of what bell hooks refers to as “the white supremacist capitalist patriarchy” (2000, 109). Non-traditional academic contributions are also welcome, as long as they fit with one of the article types accepted for publication in the journal.

Funding is available for publishing fees

More info on the call here