Campus Watch Booklet

University Campus' are busy places with large numbers of people going about their daily routines. They form a concentration of a vast range of people, from the resident work force, visitors, etc., to the students themselves.

The very nature of campus, where unfamiliar faces are common and accepted, lends itself to the work of the criminal who can blend in quite easily around halls of residence. For example, it is common to see people carrying suitcases, and other items, without suspicion. 

For students on tight budgets, expensive items are difficult to replace, and it is highly advisable to spend a short time considering how effective measures can be taken to reduce the possibility of theft. The good news is that there are a number of actions that you can take to reduce the chance of becoming another crime victim. Campus Watch is quite simply a means of like minded people who share a mutual potential risk consenting to ACT upon seeing suspicious activity.

Common Sense Security – Never assume that you or your property are safe, always take steps to make them so.
Reading our Campus Watch Booklet will raise you awareness levels so that already you are more likely to perceive a problem arising and take preventative measures.  Fraud is a common occurrence, to prevent it happening please read our  Fraud Prevention leaflet.  The Campus Watch Booklet is available in Gaeilge, French, German, Polish, Mandarin, Arabic, MalaySpanish and Italian.