Thank you to all of our Semester 2 Seminar Speakers!

Wednesday, June 28, 2023 - 17:15


22/23 Seminar Series - Semester 2

After another busy Semester, we would like to thank all of our wonderful guest speakers for being part of our Seminar Series 22/23.  

Our Seminar Series 22/23 was hugely sucessful - we had the pleasure of welcoming more than 20 guest speakers over the academic year and look forward to welcoming more guest speakers for our 23/24 series.

Please see our Events section for abstracts from each of the seminars.


Ciaran Hickey
University College Dublin
Topology and Entanglement in Correlated Quantum Matter
Felix Binder
Trinity College Dublin
Simulating complex, stochastic processes with quantum physics
Justin Read
University of Surrey
The Emergence of Dwarf Galaxies, Star Clusters and Something In-Between
Matthieu Schaller
Leiden University
The FLAMINGO hydrodynamical simulation suite: A precision cosmology survey virtual twin
Aaron Conlon
Maynooth University
Extending the planar theory of anyons to quantum wire networks
 Emil Bergholtz
Stockholm University
Non-Hermitian Topological Physics
Goran Nakerst
Technische Universitat Dresden
Spectral Properties of Markov Generators and Their Connection to Random Matrix Theory
Lewis Prole
Cardiff University
Simulating Population III star formation