Biological & Biomedical Sciences

Why study Biological & Biomedical Sciences

Biological and Biomedical Sciences is the study of life, from the fundamental building blocks of our genes to the largest animals that inhabit our planet; how living things work – how they interact with one another and their surroundings, and how they change and evolve; and it involves the application of biomedical science to medical/clinical use.

You will learn how to use analytical and technical procedures to monitor and improve human health and to investigate disease.

You will study the science that is broadly similar to the preclinical component of a medical degree.

You will also learn how to ask questions, make observations, and analyse evidence – in theory work and through practical laboratory sessions – and to present and communicate your findings clearly while developing your computer literacy and research skills.

The main strengths of the Department include Biological Control, Bioinformatics, Immunology, Medical Mycology, Molecular Genetics and Plant Biotechnology and staff have international reputations in these areas. New appointments in the Department have consolidated research strengths in Immunology and Protein Chemistry.

If you decide to proceed to a Master's degree out MSc in Immunology & Global Health at Maynooth University+ represents an innovative development in higher degree options in the biological sciences. It is targeted at biological and health science graduates who are interested in the major challenges in health and development today and who wish to broaden their understanding of immunology, its importance in global health and the factors that impact on immunological intervention strategies in health and disease. An important component of the course covers emerging and reemerging diseases including diseases of poverty

Career Opportunities

Graduates pursue careers in research, industry or enter graduate entry degree programmes (e.g. medicine, pharmacy, veterinary) or engage in Biomedical research.

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