Prof Susan McKenna-Lawlor

Experimental Physics


(01) 628 6788


Susan McKenna-Lawlor is is an Emeritus Professor at the Maynooth University Department of Experimental Physics. She was a Member of the Senate of The National University of Ireland and a member of the Governing Authority of Maynooth University. She is also Managing Director of  Space Technology Ireland, Ltd (STIL) which builds instrumentation for space missions.

She has been involved with various experiments flown on ESA, NASA and Russian Space Agency missions. She developed a set of instruments to monitor the Martian solar wind on the Mars Express mission launched by the European Space Agency. The instruments were designed to collect clues to the mystery of water on Mars - where it is or was, where it came from and what happened to it.

Her work earned her one of the most prestigious honours available to space scientists - election to the International Academy of Astronautics.

Professor Susan McKenna-Lawlor received the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Science (DSc) in  2005 for her contribution to astrophysics from the University of Ulster.