Shaun Mc Donnell


Head Economics Tutor

Rhetoric House
Second Floor


Shaun McDonnell | LinkedIn

Shaun McDonnell is the Head Economics Tutor at the Department of Economics at Maynooth University. He obtained a BA in Economics and International Development at Maynooth University in 2018, winning the Denis Conniffe Prize in Econometrics on route to a first-class honours degree. He was a recipient of the Dean of Postgraduate Studies Scholarship to undertake an MSc Economics degree at Maynooth University in 2019, winning the Geary Prize in Economics on route to achieving first place on the program. He also obtained a Professional Diploma in Data Analytics from the Fitzwilliam Institute in 2021 alongside working in an industry capacity. In that respect, he spent four years working across both public and private sector institutions including the Central Bank of Ireland and Goodbody as a Quantitative Analyst and as an Economist. He has worked on economic and banking sector policy at both an Irish and European level, regularly contributing to both national and international media on economic thought and has represented Ireland in policy discussions at the European Commission. He also spent a substantial amount of his time in the industry advising international investors and large domestic corporates on the state of the Irish, UK, and global economies. He has prior experience teaching university level students in a range of modules spanning microeconomics, macroeconomics, and quantitative economics (i.e. quantitative analysis and econometrics). As is evident above, he has a broad range of interests and is more than willing to assist students from both an academic and a careers perspective. He serves as your one stop shop in Economics, running a regular drop-in centre where you can delve deeper into economic material that is not quite landing with you from the outset.