Dr Rory Hearne

Applied Social Studies

Associate Professor

Auxilia, North Campus, Maynooth University
Level 1 - Upper Ground Floor
(01) 708 3744


I am currently an Associate Professor/Senior Lecturer in Social Policy in the Department of Applied Social Studies in Maynooth. I teach courses at post-graduate and under-graduate level in social policy, housing policy, human rights and inequality; climate policy and environmental justice, civic engagement and civil society; the changing political economy of the welfare state.

I have researched and published in academic and policy fields of housing and social housing, spatial disadvantage, housing rights, economic inequality, neoliberalism and the welfare state, social justice, and social movements. I have a PhD in political and economic geography from Trinity College Dublin in 2009. My most recent publication is the best-selling, award nominated, Gaffs: Why no one can get a house, and what we can do about it (HarperCollinsIreland, 2022). Fintan O Toole described it as "clear, cogent and persuasive." My previous book, 'Housing Shock: The Irish Housing Crisis and How to Solve it' (Policy Press, 2020) was the first in Ireland to identify the emergence of Generation Rent, the distorting role of global investor funds in Irish housing, the profoundly damaging impact of homelessness on families, and identifying new solutions based on a based human rights vision for Irish housing and a practical policy pathway to ensure affordable, secure, decent quality and environmentally sustainable homes for everyone. It tackles one of the most pressing social crises facing contemporary Ireland. It makes a compelling case for enshrining the Right to Housing in our Constitution. It is written in a highly accessible, passionate way, that details the author’s personal journey from community worker to academic and activist and how his housing story interwove with his commitment and drive to achieve a human right to housing for everyone ins this country. The book is highly inspirational as it is not just as description of the crisis, but also provides direct voices of those affected, outlines solutions and offers pathways for citizens to engage in action to change the situation. In a short space of time the book has made a major contribution to the Irish policy debate on housing and to empowering those affected by the crisis and those trying to change it. The President of Ireland, in recognition of this contribution as a scholarly resource of national importance, invited the author to present the book to him personally in Aras an Uachtarain in June 2021. An academic review in the international journal Critical Social Policy describes the book as “a highly welcome and thoughtful addition to the debate about housing in Ireland, drawing on comparative examples, quantitative and qualitative data, and his engagement with the topic as both researcher and activist to do so”.  While Leilani Farha, Global Director of the Shift and former UN Rapporteur on Adequate Housing 2014-2020, describes the book as providing a really important and insightful contribution to the global debate on financialisation, inequality and the right to housing.” The Irish Times described it as “a valuable book. It is a tool for better understanding our current predicament and what we can do about it”.  In 2011 I published an academic peer reviewed book, ‘Public Private Partnerships in Ireland; Failed experiment or the way forward?’ (Manchester University Press in 2011). 

I have also published in high quality international peer reviewed journals. For example, drawing from praxis-based research on ‘the right to the city’ and human rights based approaches (undertaken as a community worker in Dolphin House, Dublin from 2007 to 2013) I have published in the international Journal of Human Rights PracticeHuman Geography, and the Irish Journal of Community Work.  While I have published on my innovative research into new social movements and civil society in Ireland in Interface, and in Geoforum. 

Over 2015-2017, I was a Senior Policy Analyst with the inequality research think tank, TASC where I researched the political economy of economic inequality and the welfare state, with a particular focus on housing, financialisation, social policy and inequality. I was lead author of Cherishing All Equally 2016: Economic Inequality in Ireland and ‘Home or wealth generator? Inequality, financialisation and the Irish Housing crisis’ (TASC, 2017). 

I worked between 2017 and 2018 on the H2020 funded Re-InVEST (Rebuilding an Inclusive, Value-based Europe of Solidarity and Trust through Social Investments) project. It involved research (qualitative and quantitative) into EU and national state social policy (in the water, housing, finance, childcare and early childhood education, labour market, and health sectors) across 13 EU countries. I co-developed, with the Irish Principal Investigator on Re-InVEST, Dr Mary Murphy, the Re-InVEST project’s methodological approach, the Participatory Action Human Rights and Capabilities Approach (PAHRCA), and the PAHRCA Toolkit.  I am also a public intellectual and regularly contribute to discussion of contemporary social, economic and political issues on national media and contribute to public events dealing with these issues.


Year Publication
2023 Rory Hearne (2023) Gaffs: Why No One Can Get a House and What We Can Do About It (Updated Paperback Edition). London: HarperCollins Ireland. [Link]
2022 Rory Hearne (2022) Gaffs: Why No One Can Get a House and What We Can Do About It. Dublin: HarperCollins Ireland. [Link]
2020 Hearne, R. (2020) Housing Shock: The Irish Housing Crisis and how to solve it. Bristol: Policy Press. [Link]
2011 Dr Rory Hearne (2011) Public Private Partnerships in Ireland: Failed Experiment or the Way Forward for the State?. : Manchester University Press.

Book Chapter

Year Publication
2023 Rory Hearne (2023) 'An expanded conceptualisation and definition of engaged research' In: Rights and Social Justice in Research: Advancing Methodologies for Social Change. Bristol : Policy Press.
2019 Hearne, R. & Murphy, M. (2019) 'Capabilities and human rights in practice; the case study of participatory research on marketisation and homelessness in Dublin' In: Capabilities and Social Policy: Concepts, measurements and application. London : Policy Press.
2019 Hearne, R. & Murphy, M. (2019) 'Gendering homelessness policy knowledge through participation and action research' In: Producing knowledge, reproducing gender: Power, production and practice in contemporary Ireland. Dublin : UCD Press.
2018 Hearne, R., O Callaghan, C., Kitchin, R., Di Feliciantonio, C. (2018) 'The place of home: The relational articulation of housing crisis and activism in post-crash Ireland' In: A Century of Housing Struggles: The 1915 Rent Strikes and Beyond. London : Rowman & Littlefield.
2017 Kitchen, R. Hearne, R., O Callaghan, C. (2017) 'Housing and Austerity' In: Austerity and Recovery in Ireland. Oxford : Oxford University Press.
2014 Dr Rory Hearne (2014) 'Housing management and the social renting tenant experience' In: Dr Lorcan Sirr(Eds.). Public and Private Renting in Ireland. : IPA.
2014 Dr Rory Hearne (2014) 'Actually-Existing Neoliberalism: Public-Private Partnerships in Public Service and Infrastructure Provision in Ireland' In: Andrew MacLaran, Sinead Kelly(Eds.). Neoliberal Urban Policy and the Transformation of the City. : Palgrave Macmillan.
2014 Hearne, R (2014) 'The importance of standards and community: Tenants experience of social housing in Ireland' In: Public and Private Renting in Ireland. Dublin : Institute of Public Administration.
2014 Dr Rory Hearne, Dr Rob Kitchin, Dr Cian O Callaghan (2014) 'Spatial Justice and Housing in Ireland' In: Kearns, Meredith and Morrissey(Eds.). Spatial Justice and the Irish Crisis. : Royal Irish Academy. [Full-Text]
2014 Dr Rory Hearne, Dr Declan Redmond (2014) 'The Collapse of PPPs: Prospects for Social Housing Regeneration After the Crash; Rory Hearne and Declan Redmond ' In: Andrew MacLaran and Sinead Kelly(Eds.). Neoliberal Urban Policy and the Transformation of the City. : Palgrave Macmillan.

Peer Reviewed Journal

Year Publication
2023 Laruffa, Francesco & Hearne, Rory (2023) 'Towards a post-neoliberal social policy: capability and rights-expansion as social empowerment'. Critical Policy Studies, .
2022 Lima V.; Hearne R.; Murphy M.P. (2022) 'Housing financialisation and the creation of homelessness in Ireland'. Housing Studies, . [DOI] [Full-Text]
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2016 Norris, M, Hearne, R (2016) 'Privatising Public Housing Redevelopment: Grassroots Resistance, Co-operation and Devastation in three Dublin Neighbourhoods'. Cities, .
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2012 Dr Rory Hearne (2012) 'Exploring the Human Rights Based Approach to achieving housing rights; a community development analysis’ in Irish Journal of Community Work'. To be added, 3 .
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2007 Dr Rory Hearne (2007) 'Neoliberalism in public services: a case study of public-private partnerships in Irish Schools'. 6 .
2006 Dr Rory Hearne (2006) 'Neoliberalism, public services and PPPs in Ireland Published in in Progress in Irish Urban Studies'. To be added, 2 .

Other Journal

Year Publication
2013 Dr Rory Hearne (2013) 'Starting Afresh: Housing Associations, Stock Transfer and Regeneration' Cluid Housing Association, Special Report on Housing Associations and Regeneration .

Conference Publication

Year Publication
2022 Hearne, Rory & MacSweeney, Kenneth (2022) 16th European Research Conference on Homelessness 2022 Understanding Ireland’s Hidden Homelessness crisis: A New Approach to Defining and Measuring Homelessness and Housing Exclusion in Ireland
2022 Rory Hearne (2022) The Housing Commission Conference on a Referendum on Housing in Ireland The case for inserting a right to adequate housing in the Irish Constitution [Link]
2018 Hearne, R & Murphy, M. (2018) European Congress of Qualitative Inquiry Participation, empowerment and policy: reflecting on the ReInVest Participatory Action Human Rights and Capability Approach with homeless families in Dublin
2017 Hearne, R & Murphy, M. (2017) European Network for Social Policy Analysis 2017 Social Investment, Human Rights and Capabilities in practice; the case study of homelessness in Dublin

Conference Contribution

Year Publication
2023 Rory Hearne (2023) British Irish Parliamentary Assembly Rural Housing Crisis at British-Irish Parliamentary Assembly Kildare, .
2023 Rory Hearne (2023) The Galway International Arts Festival Galway International Arts Festival - Housing Solutions for Ireland Galway, . [Link] [DOI]
2023 Rory Hearne (2023) TUS Public Engagement Conference Public Impact of Research Athlone, . [DOI]
2023 Rory Hearne (2023) Irish Nurses and Midwives organisation Health and Housing at INMO Cork, . [Link]
2023 Rory Hearne (2023) International Literature Festival Dublin The Centre Cannot Hold at International Literature Festival Dublin Dublin, . [Link]
2023 Rory Hearne (2023) Irish Museum of Modern Art Art and Housing at IMMA Dublin, . [Link] [DOI]
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2023 Rory Hearne (2023) Frederick Douglass Civil Rights Festival Housing Panel Frederick Douglass Festival Wexford, . [Link]
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2023 Rory Hearne (2023) FORSA Trade Union Housing as a public good FORSA conference Cork, . [Link]
2022 Rory Hearne (2022) 7th annual Overview of Housing Exclusion in Europe Analysis of the Report from a human rights perspective On-Line (Brussels), .
2022 Rory Hearne (2022) Landscape, Law and Spatial Justice an International Symposium Housing as a human right: land, property and spatial justice UCD, .
2022 Rory Hearne (2022) • The Irish Aftercare Network Annual National Conference The human right to housing and care leavers in hidden homelessness Athlone, .
2022 Rory Hearne (2022) Kildare Public Participation Network Annual Plenary Meeting November 2022 A presentation on civic engagement, civil society, and active citizenship Kildare, .
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2022 Rory Hearne (2022) Sociological Association of Ireland Annual Conference The meaning of home and the commodification of housing Technological University of the Shannon, .
2022 Rory Hearne (2022) South Dublin Public Participation Network Annual Plenary Meeting December 1st 2022 A presentation on civic engagement, civil society, and active citizenship Tallaght, Dublin, .
2022 Rory Hearne (2022) Prevention and Early Intervention Network Webinar ‘The Importance of House and Home, Child Homelessness and the Critical junctures for prevention and early intervention Dublin, .
2021 Rory Hearne (2021) Home: A Human Right The 3rd annual public housing conference Maynooth University Presentation on analysis of Irish Housing Policy Maynooth University (on-line), .
2021 Rory Hearne (2021) EDGE & The Shift Webinar – A Necessary Shift: Build a Better World with the Right to Housing On 21 June, EDGE Funders hosted the webinar “A Necessary Shift: Build a Better World with the Right to Housing.” The webinar was a call to action for foundations and philanthropic organizations to start understanding that adopting a human rights approach to housing can be the key to transformational societal change International on-line, .
2020 Rory Hearne (2020) Annual Public Housing Conference Maynooth 2020 Presentation on policies for a right to housing Maynooth University, .
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2016 Rory Hearne (2016) Sociological Association of Ireland, Annual Conference The role of social movements, Left politics & civil society in the transformation of neoliberal capitalism and austerity: what evidence from Ireland? University of Limerick, .

Magazine Article

Year Publication
2013 Dr Rory Hearne (2013) European Protection on Social Rights and Austerity. [Magazine Article]
2012 Dr Rory Hearne (2012) PPPie in the Sky. [Magazine Article]

Published Report

Year Publication
2023 Dr Rory Hearne; Kenneth McSweeney (2023) Ireland’s Hidden Homelessness Crisis: Applying the ETHOS Approach to Defining and Measuring Homelessness and Housing Exclusion in Ireland. Maynooth University, . [Link]
2023 Dr Rory Hearne; Phil Murphy (2023) Homes for Ireland: The case for a National Sustainable Home Building Agency. Maynooth University, . [Link]
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2016 Hearne, R, McMahon C. (2016) Cherishing All Equally 2016, Gender, Children and Economic Inequality in Ireland. TASC, .

Newspaper Articles

Year Publication
2023 Dr Rory Hearne (2023) Ireland’s housing crisis is a disaster for its people – and a gift to far-right fearmongers. [Newspaper Articles] [Link]
2023 Rory Hearne (2023) Budget Failed to Take Action on Housing Emergency. [Newspaper Articles] [Link]
2023 Rory Hearne (2023) Could modular homes be an answer to the housing crisis?. [Newspaper Articles] [Link]
2023 Rory Hearne (2023) Scale of Homelessness Higher than Reported. [Newspaper Articles] [Link]
2023 Rory Hearne (2023) As a Lecturer I can see what the accommodation crisis is doing to students. [Newspaper Articles] [Link]
2023 Rory Hearne (2023) We’ve talked enough about the housing crisis. Here’s a radical plan. [Newspaper Articles] [Link]
2023 Dr Rory Hearne (2023) Why aren’t we grasping the opportunity to invest our spare billions in housing?. [Newspaper Articles] [Link]
2023 Rory Hearne (2023) Soaring rents, evictions, and a shortage of housing — welcome to rural Ireland. [Newspaper Articles] [Link]
2023 Rory Hearne (2023) Lifting the Eviction Ban Was an Unforgivable Act. [Newspaper Articles] [Link]
2023 Rory Hearne (2023) Ending eviction ban: We need to understand scale of human misery that will follow this decision. [Newspaper Articles] [Link] [DOI]
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2010 Dr Rory Hearne (2010) Why Should We Be Paying for the Mistakes of Bankers. [Newspaper Articles]

Policy Contribution

Year Publication
2023 Rory Hearne (2023) The Financialization of Purpose-Built Rental Housing for Canada’s Review Panel on the Financialization of Purpose-Built Rental Housing. [Policy Contribution] [Link]


Year Publication
2023 Rory HEarne (2023) Lifting of the Eviction Ban- Reboot Republic live podcast. [Podcast] [Link]
2023 Rory Hearne (2023) School Teachers Emigrating because of the Housing Crisis. [Podcast] [Link]
2023 Rory Hearne (2023) How to tackle the Climate Emergency and Inequality. [Podcast] [Link]
2023 Rory Hearne (2023) Exploring the discourse on mental health and mental illness. [Podcast] [Link]
2023 Rory Hearne (2023) Gaffs Stories-the Conversation of a Generation Locked Out. [Podcast] [Link]
2023 Rory Hearne (2023) Storytelling, Hope and Change, with actor Clare Dunne. [Podcast] [Link]
2023 Rory Hearne (2023) Creating a new economy, climate, and football. [Podcast] [Link]
2023 Rory Hearne (2023) We can do better for Children- with Niall Muldoon the Children. [Podcast] [Link]
2023 Rory Hearne (2023) Is Art Politically Motivated?. [Podcast] [Link]
2023 Rory HEarne (2023) A gendered and inequality analysis of climate emergency. [Podcast] [Link]
2023 Rory Hearne (2023) Its not where you live - its how you live. [Podcast] [Link]
2023 Rory Hearne (2023) Hope and Courage: How to Counter Hate & Fear. [Podcast] [Link]
2023 Rory Hearne (2023) Homes for Ireland: The case for a National Sustainable Home Building Agency. [Podcast] [Link]
2023 Rory Hearne (2023) The Generation Gap with Dr Tom McDonnell. [Podcast] [Link]
2023 Rory Hearne (2023) Eco and Status Anxieties. [Podcast] [Link]
2023 Rory Hearne (2023) Was Everyone in the North Inner City Born in a Robbed Car. [Podcast] [Link]
2023 Rory Hearne (2023) Climate Action – Hope and Disruption. [Podcast] [Link]
2023 Rory Hearne (2023) CATU Special – Public Tenants Taking Action. [Podcast] [Link]
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2023 Rory Hearne (2023) Nurses on the Frontline of Housing and Health crises. [Podcast] [Link]
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2023 Rory Hearne (2023) Tackling Racism & Discrimination in Ireland – Why is the Hate Crime Bill important?. [Podcast] [Link]
2023 Rory Hearne (2023) Ideas to Solve the Housing Crisis from across Europe. [Podcast] [Link]
2023 Rory Hearne (2023) Ending Youth Homelessness: Lessons from Finland & Scotland. [Podcast] [Link]
2023 Rory Hearne (2023) Cooking for Freedom with Mavis Ramazani. [Podcast] [Link]
2023 Rory Hearne (2023) Census 2022 – Generations Locked Out. [Podcast] [Link]
2023 Rory Hearne (2023) Poverty and lonliness with Dr Tricia Kielthy of SVP. [Podcast] [Link]
2023 Rory Hearne (2023) The Housing Crisis is Breaking the Health System. [Podcast] [Link]
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