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I joined the Department of Sociology as an Irish Research Council Post-doctoral Fellow in 2007 becoming a Lecturer in 2010. I have previously lectured at the Department of Social Sciences and Law in the Technological University Dublin and the Department of Sociology in University College Dublin from where I was awarded a PhD in 2005.

My main research and teaching interests lie within the sociology of the family & personal life, sexuality and the law. I have taught modules:on • Culture and Everyday Life (First Year), Contemporary Social Theory (Third Year), Sex, Law and Society (Third Year) • Fieldwork Methods (Second Year), Media, Culture & the Construction of Crime (Second Year) & Qualitative Research Methods (MA)

Research Interests

My main research interests lie within the sociology of the family & personal life, sexuality and the law and minority health. My earlier work has focused on LGBTI communities and the history of the movement from the decriminalisation of homosexuality to the successful campaign for gay marriage in 2015, highlighting the creation of new categories of sexual citizens and the consequences for those sexual relationships that remained outside the regulation of the state.

My Post-doctoral research, and first book, combined a documentary analysis and a life history study of letters sent to the popular agony aunt, Angela Macnamara in the 1960s and 70s. The analysis revealed how families navigated intimate decisions about dating, fertility and sexuality within the confines of a religious and legal structure, contributing to a more nuanced understanding of Irish family life.  

My current research explores sex work and regulatory regimes governing prostitution within a European context. 
 I published Male Sex Work in the Digital Age (London: Palgrave) in 2019 exploring how migrant male sex workers' use of social media has created both a flexible and ambiguous understanding of commercial sex in Ireland. The work illustrates how male sex workers use their micro-celebrity on social media (Grindr, Instagram) to construct a brand that can be converted into financial advantage within the sex industry. The digital identities that are created provide the  photographic and video material that are broadcast on new subscription platforms like OnlyFans.

I am also interested in minority health. I completed a project (with Dr. Kathryn McGarry) funded by HIV Ireland in 2020 exploring the possible consequences of new legislation (Criminal Law Sexual Offences Act 2017) on sex workers’ health and well-being. There is a specific focus on migrant female and trans sex workers and their level of engagement in sexual health services and practices such as condom use and HIV testing.

I have recently completed a project with Dr. Kathryn McGarry, Becky Leacy and Patricia Leahy, funded by the HSE and the National Office for Suicide Prevention (2021-22) developing prevention strategies for sex work communities affected by poor mental health, minority stress and suicide. 

My current research projects:

I am working on a research project being delivered by HIV Ireland, in collaboration with dental practitioners, representative organisations, and people living with HIV (PLWHIV) to improve health outcomes and quality of life for PLWHIV. The project is funded by the Gilead UK and Ireland Fellowship and Medical Grants Programme, which supports local innovation and best practices in caring for people living with HIV.

 I am also working on a project 'Moving Beyond Impossible Conversations: Sex Work and Knowledge Production in Europe' with Dr. Isabel Crowhurst (University of Essex) and Dr. Giulia Garofalo Geymonat (Università Ca' Foscari Venezia).

I welcome inquires from prospective PhD students interested in these research areas.


Research Projects

Title Role Description Start date End date Amount
'Commercial Sex in the UK & ROI: Current Knowledge and Future Challenges PI 08/03/2021 12/12/2022 9500
How can sex worker experiences inform and develop Government suicide prevention strategies? PI This proposal for collaborative research between the ISWRN, SWAI and HIV Ireland is in response to the National Office for Suicide Prevention call for proposals as part of the implementation of the Government Suicide Prevention Strategy Connecting for Life 2015-2020. Drawing on the key concept of connection as part of the Government strategy, this research aims to understand connection in relation to sex worker mental health and well-being. This proposal follows on from a recently published report from ISWRN researchers, HIV Ireland and SWAI focused on the health and well-being of sex workers in Ireland (McGarry and Ryan, 2020). Key recommendations arising this report dovetail well with the objectives for this proposal, namely: 1. To explore the issue of mental health, mental health risks and suicide prevention with sex workers 2. To develop a toolkit for suicide prevention and mental health harm reduction with and for sex workers 3. To strengthen connections amongst sex workers and empower sex working communities in suicide prevention work To this end, our guiding research question is “How can sex worker experiences inform and develop Government suicide prevention strategies?” 08/03/2021 07/03/2022 19080
Narrative Design and Player Conduct in Online Video Game Playing Communities PI 10/06/2019 03/08/2019 6500
Exploring the impact of the sex purchase ban on the health and well-being of sex workers in Ireland PI 01/03/2019 31/10/2019 8000
Knowledge Production on Prostitution and Sex Work Contexts and Processes across Europe PI 02/06/2017 22/09/2017 1000
challenges and opportunities to develop a wider knowledge of Teaching and Learning scholarship amongst lecturers of sociology in Ireland PI 02/02/2015 26/10/2015 5000


Year Publication
2019 Ryan P. (2019) Male Sex Work in the Digital Age: Curated Lives. [DOI]
2013 Ryan, P. (2013) Asking Angela Macnamara: an Intimate history of Irish lives. Dublin: Irish Academic Press.

Book Chapter

Year Publication
2021 McGarry, K, Ryan, P, Berry, A. and Guarani, B. (2021) 'Sex worker management of their health and well-being in the context of criminalisation' In: Nothing about us without us: Giving voice to diversity in Criminological Research. Bristol : Policy Press.
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2023 Ryan, P. (2023) '‘Selfies that Pay’: #OnlyFans and the Online Lives of Migrant Male Sex Workers in Ireland' In: Genders and Sexualities in the Social Sciences. [Link] [DOI]

Edited Book

Year Publication
2022 Sanders, T, Ryan, P. & McGarry, K (Ed.). (2022) Sex Work, Labour and Relations - New Directions and Reflections. London: Palgrave,

Peer Reviewed Journal

Year Publication
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Other Journal

Year Publication
2013 Ryan, P. (2013) 'Reappraising the Irish Sexual Repression Narrative of the 1960s: Was Ireland Different?' History Ireland, 20 . [Full-Text]

Conference Contribution

Year Publication
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Published Report

Year Publication
2020 McGarry, K.& Ryan, P. (2020) Sex worker lives under the law: a community engaged study of access to health and justice in Ireland. HIV Ireland, .
2023 Paul Ryan,Kathryn McGarry,; Becky Leacy Patricia Leahy (2023) Community Engagement for Suicide Prevention: Exploring Sex Worker Experiences in Ireland. Health Service Executive, .

Magazine Article

Year Publication
2011 Ryan, P; Cox, G; Whitaker, T (2011) Exploring the Performance of Masculinities in the Lives of Irish Drug Using Sex Workers. ABINGDON: [Magazine Article]


Year Publication
2010 Ryan P. (2010) Asking angela: Discourses about sexuality in an irish problem page, 1963-1980. [Reviews] [DOI] [Full-Text]
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