Paul graduated with a first class honours in Computer Science & Software Engineering in 2005 and a PhD in Computer Science & Geocomputation in 2009 from the National University of Ireland Maynooth. Prior to commencement of his 3rd level education he spent 9 years working in Industry, the last position held was in the IT sector of the Forecourt-Retail Industry with DataConnections Ltd. being responsible for national coordination of all new business software and systems deployment. Post PhD he has worked at the National Centre for Geocomputation as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Research Fellow and Senior Research Fellow. His specialist expertise is in full-stack Geo-Spatial cloud-solutions development.
His current position as Data Platform Manager on the Terrain-AI project involves designing, building and populating Azure hosted Geo-Spatial data architectures. The project aims to capture, collate and store very large volumes of sensor data-streams, multi-thematic datasets and national data repositories. These spatial-temporal datasets are generated by various Spaceborne Satellites, Drones, in-field instruments, wide area sensor networks as well as ongoing national database compilation programs. A petabyte scale data platform is being built to handle optical (RGB, video, hyperspectral, multispectral, thermal), LiDAR, Navigation, Radar, Flux-tower, Soil-moisture as well as varied land-cover, energy, demographic databases.
He has lengthy experience working and engaging with commercial and state organisations in pursuing and delivering GeoSpatial research projects and software solutions. These projects diversely range from studies that investigate accessibility to mental health services in Ireland, to development of bespoke Intranet applications for census data mapping and accessibility through, to his current role, in a commercialisation context. This current role involves bringing valuable and applied research to market. His most recent commercialisation involvement is as ‘Senior Software Architect’ for the NUIM spin-out company iGeotech Technologies Ltd. Through this work he has been heavily involved in bringing to market the ‘Ubipix’ branded platform. This platform enables GeoSpatial-Video to be collected remotely using SmartPhone applications. This data is then uploaded to cloud-deployed web applications for storage, access, analysis and distribution. This platform specifically targets network asset and safety management and monitoring with one particular example being ‘The National Roads Authority’ of Ireland’s use of this technology for its road safety reviews. He has also working on various SFI Industrial Research Fellowship's developing web-application frameworks for ‘Novel LiDAR Web-Services for mapping & Monitoring Road Networks’.

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Year Publication
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