Dr Joe Oyler


Deputy Head of Department
Assistant Professor

School of Education
(01) 474 7282


I am an Assistant Professor of Teacher Education, Deputy Head of Department and Course Leader of the Professional Master of Education (Year 2) programme. I teach courses in Pedagogy, Philosophy of Education and Research Methods at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Research Interests

My teaching and research interests revolve around the use of discussion based, collaborative practices and philosophical content as ways of exploring the world and our place within it. My current research aims at developing a deeper understanding of how experienced facilitators engage students in inquiry dialogue.

Book Chapter

Year Publication
2023 Joe Oyler (2023) '‘Publicness’ in pedagogical thinking' In: The New Publicness of Education: Democratic Possibilities After the Critique of Neo-Liberalism. New York, NY : Routledge. [Link] [DOI]
2017 Alina Reznitskaya, Ian A. G. Wilkinson, & Joseph Oyler (2017) 'Supporting Teacher's Spontaneous Use of Talk Moves During Inquiry Dialogue' In: Promoting Spontaneous Use of Learning and Reasoning Strategies. Oxford, UK : Routledge. [Link]
2016 Natalie M. Fletcher and Joseph M. Oyler (2016) 'Curating an Aesthetic Space for Inquiry' In: The Routledge International Handbook of Philosophy for Children. Oxford, UK : Routledge. [Link]

Other Journal

Year Publication
2019 Oyler J. (2019) 'Exploring teacher contributions to student argumentation quality' Studia Paedagogica, 24 (4) :173-198. [DOI]

Peer Reviewed Journal

Year Publication
2017 Wilkinson, IAG; Reznitskaya, A; Bourdage, K; Oyler, J; Glina, M; Drewry, R; Kim, MY; Nelson, K (2017) 'Toward a more dialogic pedagogy: changing teachers' beliefs and practices through professional development in language arts classrooms'. Language and Education, 31 :65-82. [DOI] [Full-Text]

Encyclopedia Entry

Year Publication
2016 Joseph Oyler (2016) The Lipman-Sharp Approach to Philosophy for Children. Singapore: [Encyclopedia Entry] [Link]


Year Publication
2015 Joseph Oyler (2015) Expert teacher contributions to argumentation quality during inquiry dialogue. USA: [Thesis] [Link]

Technical Publication

Year Publication
2012 Reznitskaya, A., Glina, M., & Oyler, J. (2012) Dialogic Inquiry Tool. Montclair, NJ, USA: [Technical Publication]

Conference Contribution

Year Publication
2024 Joe Oyler (2024) Positive Schools & Well-Being Congress Reclaiming the Self in a Digital World Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, 30/05/2024-. [Link]
2024 Joe Oyler (2024) Symposium: The Publicness of Education - On the Past, Present and Future of an Ideal 'Publicness' in pedagogical thinking Centre for Public Education and Pedagogy, Maynooth University, . [Link]
2024 Joe Oyler (2024) Philosophy Learning and Teaching Organisation Assessing a P4C Session Online, . [Link]
2024 Joe Oyler (2024) Nordic Educational Research Association Existential Education & Socially Constituted Selves Malmo, .
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Professional Associations

Description Function From / To
The International Council of Philosophical Inquiry with Children (ICPIC) Member -
Educational Studies Association of Ireland Member -

Honors and Awards

Date Title Awarding Body
01/04/2015 William A. Cuff Educator Award Montclair State University, College of Education and Human Services
01/04/2015 George D. Heiss Memorial Research Award Montclair State University, Department of Educational Foundations