Dr Gordon Delap


Senior Lecturer

Logic House
(01) 7083794


Dr Gordon Delap comes from Donegal in Ireland. He is interested in electroacoustic composition, audiovisual composition, and composition created through engagement with physical modeling technologies. He has undertaken residencies at Nadine Arts Centre in Brussels, and at the Technische Universitaet in Berlin. He has received commissions from the British Council, Spacenet, the Naughton Gallery, and BBC Radio 3, and won first prize in the Projet Itinerant competition "Point de Repere". Gordon Delap is currently lecturer in music technology at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth.

Conference Contributions

  Year Publication
2013 Composers' Forum.
(2013) Composers' Forum. [Oral Presentation], Ashes to Ashes: An exploration of forbidden materials, University of Manchester . [Details]
2007 Ultraschall.
(2007) Ultraschall. [Oral Presentation], , TU, Berlin . [Details]
2007 SpaceNet conference.
(2007) SpaceNet conference. [Oral Presentation], , University of York . [Details]
2007 MANTIS.
(2007) MANTIS. [Oral Presentation], , University of Manchester . [Details]
2006 SARC.
(2006) SARC. [Oral Presentation], Physical models in Action, Queen’s University Belfast . [Details]
2006 Soundings Festival.
(2006) Soundings Festival. [Oral Presentation], Physical Modeling Sound Synthesis in Practice, Edinburgh . [Details]