Anne Hamilton Black

Social Sciences Institute (MUSSI), Athena SWAN

Admin officer - Digital Marketing & Design

Iontas Building
2nd Floor


Anne's role is multifaceted with a primary focus on all things digital with website administration, design, and multimedia content creation across various projects. Her responsibilities encompass website administration, design, graphic design, and video editing. Anne adeptly manages departmental and some project social media accounts and all digital platforms.

Anne leads the digital aspect of online and hybrid events from inception to post-event production, ensuring seamless execution and exceptional attendee experience. Anne's proficiency in video editing and production adds depth and professionalism to our event content, enhancing its impact and longevity beyond the event itself.

With a BSc in Digital Design and Technology, Anne brings a wealth of expertise to her role. Her skill set includes digital marketing, graphic design, proficiency in HTML5, CSS, and WordPress, as well as the Adobe Creative Cloud suite.
In addition to her technical prowess, Anne plays a pivotal role in managing communication related to funding calls and nurturing the department's membership community. Her comprehensive skill set and strategic approach contribute significantly to the success of our digital initiatives and community engagement efforts.