International Office Launches New Internship Programme for Study Abroad Students

Visiting spring semester students are invited to stay into the summer to participate in Maynooth University’s new Study Abroad: Be More programme. Participants will gain valuable international work or service-learning experience. The objective of this four-week internship is to help participants stand out in the global marketplace whilst, at the same time, offering them a unique living-learning experience. The IO is launching this innovative ad-on programme on foot of requests from several US partner universities.

The Service Learning strand of the programme offers participants four main channels: Youth Service (working with at-risk children or after-school groups), Animals (working with shelters, stables and pounds), Community Outreach (working with community centres and public bodies) and Elderly Support (working with nursing homes and community carers). Students partaking in the Internship strand have an equally varied offering across the fields of  Business & Accounting, Media & Marketing, STEM and Graphic Design.

Internships and Service Learning placements will be offered on a competitive basis. The programme includes on-campus accommodation for the duration of the placement, pre- and post-placement support and comprehensive post-participation evaluation. The International Office is currently accepting applications for summer 2018. For more information, please visit our Study Abroad webpage