Where can I study abroad as part of my degree?

Maynooth University has nearly 200 partner universities around the world where students can study as part of their undergraduate degree. Full list of our partner universities can be found here.
Students do not need to speak a foreign language to be able to study abroad. With partner universities in English-speaking countries and many courses taught in English in non-English-speaking countries, it is possible to study abroad without a second language.

When can I study abroad as part of my degree?

Students travel abroad in their third year of study, returning to complete their degree in Maynooth before graduating. All students are invited to apply for study abroad opportunities early in their second year.

1. Students undertaking a 3-year BA degree

Students can study abroad as part of their degree after successfully completing two years of their BA degree at Maynooth University and they must spend a full academic year at their chosen host university. After the year abroad you return to Maynooth to progress into your final year. If you complete your year abroad successfully, your 3-year BA degree becomes a 4-year BA International degree. Because the year abroad is an additional year to your studies at Maynooth University, you are somewhat flexible when choosing modules at your host university. Language students are however required to complete modules taught in or through their target language and are advised to speak to the international departmental coordinator in order to fully understand what requirements they are expected to fulfill when abroad.

2. Students undertaking a 4-year BSc degree

There are two options to avail of if you are doing a 4-year BSc degree in Maynooth:

a) Studying abroad for one semester or a full year transferring credits obtained abroad back to your Maynooth University degree
This option is more suitable for some degrees, e.g. Product Design or Computer Science. You would be substituting the period abroad for part of your study in Maynooth which means, that after successfully completing your modules abroad, you would progress into the final year at MU and you would finish your degree within 4 years. Because you must find a match to the third year MU curriculum, you are advised to speak to your international departmental coordinator who can help you with appropriate course selection. Each substitute module must also be approved by the coordinator.
NB: This option is not available to students undertaking a BSc in Psychology degree.

b) Studying abroad for a full year as an additional year to your 4-year BSc degree
This option is open to all 4-year BSc students. Because the year abroad is an additional year to your degree, you are somewhat flexible when choosing modules at your host university. After you successfully complete your year abroad, your 4-year BSc degree becomes a 5-year BSc International degree. Students must however remember, that availing of this option means that you will be required to pay full tuition fees in your fifth and final year. List of full fees for the academic year 2015/16 may be found here.

3. LLB students

You may study abroad in your third year taking optional courses in Law. Most suitable host university would be one of our European partner institutions. Please note that law is taught only at a graduate level in the US and so only applications of students with high grades and strong personal statement will be considered.

4. Psychology students

Students doing a 3-year Psychology program may apply to study abroad, however, you must take at least 50% of their courses in Psychology. Students on a 4-year Psychology through Science program may only avail of the 2b option described above.

**Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any queries regarding your study abroad options.**