Our research is focused on discovering strategic research challenges and co-creating validated Digital Transformation Paths. Together with our research partners in our Research Clusters, we develop innovative research outputs that are relevant for both research and in practice, to transform and architect sustainable Service Ecosystems.

Open Innovation Community 

The Innovation Value Institute has establishing an open innovation community that allows an engaged and agile research approach to significant research challenges related to Digital Transformation.

Research Clusters

Through our research clusters, we are working with industry and academic partners and domain experts, bringing together leading expertise from industry, policy makers and research, representing a range of aspects of the socio-technical environment.

Interdisciplinary, Intersectoral & International Research

The Innovation Value Institute offers an excellent Interdisciplinary, Intersectoral and International Research and Training environment. Research is conducted in collaboration with our partners to realise the synergies between research and practice, and engage in real world environments.

We attract talent and offer excellent training opportunities to the next generation of leaders through research and practice that are able to transform and architect sustainable service ecosystems. We are offering a range of excellent career development opportunity and funding opportunities for researchers focusing on Digital Transformation. To find out more contact us at info@ivi.ie