Current Research Students

During your programme, you will interact with many members of the Maynooth community including your supervisor, members of staff and students in your academic department, and if your studies are based in a research institute, you will find many colleagues and friends there too. Your supervisor(s) will play a very important role in your programme and will be your first point of contact for most aspects of your day-to-day work. However, the Graduate Research Academy manages all aspects of graduate research at Maynooth University. Our role is to support your admission and induction, provide training programmes to support your development, and manage all processes related to your progression and the completion of your programme. We encourage you to participate fully in all Maynooth University has to offer, including research seminars, training programmes, conferences, and social events. You will find that your fellow research students will provide an incredible support system and learning environment for you, so do engage. We, at the Graduate Research Academy, are also here to answer your queries, provide support and can point you in the direction of relevant services or units.