Dr Paul Dowling

Biology, Human Health Institute

Senior Lecturer / Associate Professor

(01) 708 6368


Career profile (Education and Employment): • BSc (University College Dublin, Pharmacology Dept.) • PhD (NUI Maynooth, Biology Dept.) Academic Experience: • Lecturing, Practical class supervision, Workgroup supervision: University College Dublin, Pharmacology Dept. 2001-2002 • Lecturing, Practical class supervision, Workgroup supervision: NUI Maynooth, Biology Dept. 2002-2003 • Lecturing, Supervision of post-graduate students, Practical class supervision, Workgroup supervision: Dublin City University, NICB. 2004-2013 • Lecturing, Practical class supervision, Workgroup supervision: NUI Maynooth, Biology Dept. 2013- Research Experience: • 3 years University College Dublin, Pharmacology Dept. (Muscular Dystrophy) • 1 year NUI Maynooth, Biology Dept. (Muscular Dystrophy; Myasthenia Gravis) • 9 years Dublin City University, NICB. (Cancer; Diabetes; Muscle biology) Research Funding & Awards: Ongoing Research Support: Enterprise Ireland CF 2012 2005 - 01/10/2012-30/09/2013 “New Serum Biomarkers for Early Detection of Lung Cancer”. Role: PI, Award: €106,493 Mater Hospital Foundation, Serum protein biomarkers for drug response in Multiple Myeloma patients 2006-2013 Role: Joint PI, Award: €230,000 Completed Research Support Enterprise Ireland PC/2008/0368 - 01/01/2009-31/12/2010 “Validation of a panel of serum biomarkers for use in early detection and monitoring of response to therapy in squamous cell carcinoma of the lung”. Role: Joint PI, Award: €100,000 Currently supervising: 5 Andrew McCann (PhD, DCU): Analysis of conditioned media from cancer cell lines as a source of candidate biomarkers for early detection and therapeutic monitoring. Catriona Hayes (PhD, Mater/Dana Farber): Analysis of the interactions between plasma cells with the micro-environment and its role in Bortezomib resistance. MinYuen Teo (MD, St Vincents/Tallaght): Identification of biomarkers for the early detection of recurrence in colorectal cancer patients. Kay Reen Ting (MD, Mater): Investigating biomarkers predicting response to Bortezomib in Multiple Myeloma patients. Benvon Moran (MD, St James): Examining molecular mechanisms involved in the progression of malignant melanoma. Previously supervised: 1 Rajesh Rajpal (PhD, Mater): Identification of novel protein biomarkers for predicting response to thalidomide-based therapy in newly diagnosed multiple myeloma patients (2007-2011) Damian Pollard (PhD, DCU): Identification of biomarkers for the early detection and therapeutic monitoring in lung cancer (2007-2013).

Book Chapter

Year Publication
2011 Paul Dowling, Martin Clynes, and Paula Meleady (2011) 'Clinical Research and Applications: Sample Preparation Techniques for Cancer Proteomics' In: Sample Preparation in Biological Mass Spectrometry. : Springer.

Peer Reviewed Journal

Year Publication
2014 O'Sullivan D, Henry M, Joyce H, Walsh N, Auley EM, Dowling P, Swan N, Moriarty M, Barnham P, Clynes M, Larkin A (2014) '7B7: a novel antibody directed against the Ku70/Ku80 heterodimer blocks invasion in pancreatic and lung cancer cells'. Tumor Biology, 35 :6983-6997. [DOI] [Full-Text]
2014 Holland A, Dowling P, Ohlendieck K (2014) 'New pathobiochemical insights into dystrophinopathy from the proteomics of senescent mdx mouse muscle'. To be added, 6 . [DOI] [Full-Text]
2014 McDermott MS, Browne BC, Conlon NT, O'Brien NA, Slamon DJ, Henry M, Meleady P, Clynes M, Dowling P, Crown J, O'Donovan N (2014) 'PP2A inhibition overcomes acquired resistance to HER2 targeted therapy'. To be added, 13 . [DOI] [Full-Text]
2014 Paul Dowling, Ashling Holland, Kay Ohlendieck1 (2014) 'Mass Spectrometry-Based Identification of Muscle-Associated and Muscle-Derived Proteomic Biomarkers of Dystrophinopathies'. To be added, 1 :15-40. [DOI] [Full-Text]
2013 Jockusch H, Holland A, Staunton L, Schmitt-John T, Heimann P, Dowling P, Ohlendieck K. (2013) 'Pathoproteomics of testicular tissue deficient in the GARP component VPS54: the wobbler mouse model of globozoospermia'. Published online ahead of print . [Full-Text]
2012 Dowling P, Clarke C, Hennessy K, Torralbo-Lopez B, Ballot J, Crown J, Kiernan I, O'Byrne KJ, Kennedy MJ, Lynch V, Clynes M. (2012) 'Analysis of acute phase proteins, AHSG, C3, CLI, HP and SAA reveals distinctive expression patterns associated with breast, colorectal and lung cancer'. International Journal of Cancer, 131 :911-923. [Full-Text]
2012 O'Connell K, Prencipe M, O'Neill A, Corcoran C, Rani S, Henry M, Dowling P, Meleady P, O'Driscoll L, Watson W, O'Connor R. (2012) 'The use of LC-MS to identify differentially expressed proteins in docetaxel-resistant prostate cancer cell lines'. 12 :2115-2116. [Full-Text]
2011 Dowling P, Clynes M. (2011) 'Conditioned media from cell lines: A complementary model to clinical specimens for the discovery of disease-specific biomarkers'. 4 :794-804. [Full-Text]
2011 Walsh N, Larkin A, Swan N, Conlon K, Dowling P, McDermott R, Clynes M. (2011) 'RNAi knockdown of Hop (Hsp70/Hsp90 organising protein) decreases invasion via MMP-2 down regulation'. Cancer Letters, 306 :180-189. [Full-Text]
2011 Eustace AJ*, Dowling P*, Henry M, Doolan P, Meleady P, Clynes M, Crown J, O'Donovan N. *Joint authors (2011) '2D-DIGE analysis of phospho-enriched fractions from dasatinib treated melanoma cell lines'. Proteomics, 4 :490-501. [Full-Text]
2011 Egan B*, Dowling P*, OConnor P, Henry M, Meleady P, Zierath J, OGorman D. *Joint authors (2011) '2-D DIGE analysis of the mitochondrial proteome from human skeletal muscle reveals time course-dependent remodelling in response to fourteen consecutive days of endurance exercise training'. 11 :1413-1428. [Full-Text]
2011 Rajpal R*, Dowling P*, Meiller J, Clarke C, Murphy W, OConnor R, Kell M, Mitsiades C, Richardson P, Anderson K, Clynes M, OGorman P. *Joint authors (2011) 'A novel panel of protein biomarkers for predicting response to thalidomide-based therapy in newly diagnosed Multiple Myeloma patients'. 8 :1391-1402. [Full-Text]
2010 Dowling P, Meleady P, Henry M, Clynes M. (2010) 'Recent advances in clinical proteomics using mass spectrometry'. Bioanalysis, 2 :1609-1615.
2009 Walsh N, ODonovan N, Henry M, Meleady P, Clynes M, Dowling P. (2009) 'Identification of pancreatic cancer invasion-related proteins by proteomic analysis'. Proteome Science, 7 . [Full-Text]
2009 Muniyappa MK, Dowling P, Henry M, Meleady P, Doolan P, Gammell P, Clynes M, Barron N. (2009) 'MiRNA-29a regulates the expression of numerous proteins and reduces the invasiveness and proliferation of human carcinoma cell lines'. European journal of Cancer, 45 :3104-3118. [Full-Text]
2008 Walsh N*, Dowling P*, O'Donovan N, Henry M, Meleady P, Clynes M. *Joint authors (2008) 'Aldehyde dehydrogenase 1A1 and gelsolin identified as novel invasion-modulating factors in conditioned medium of pancreatic cancer cells'. Proteomics, 71 :561-571. [Full-Text]
2008 Kumar N, Maurya P, Gammell P, Dowling P, Clynes M, Meleady P. (2008) 'Proteomic profiling of secreted proteins from CHO cells using Surface-Enhanced Laser desorption ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry'. Biotechnology Progress, 24 :273-278. [Full-Text]
2008 Dowling P, Wormald R, Meleady P, Henry M, Curran A, Clynes M. (2008) 'Analysis of the saliva proteome from patients with head and neck squamous cell carcinoma reveals differences in abundance levels of proteins associated with tumour progression and metastasis'. Proteomics, 71 :168-175. [Full-Text]
2008 Dowling P, Shields W, Rani S, Meleady P, Henry M, Jeppesen P, O'Driscoll L, Clynes M. (2008) 'Proteomic analysis of conditioned media from glucose responsive and glucose non-responsive phenotypes reveals a panel of secreted proteins associated with beta cell dysfunction'. Electrophoresis, 29 :4141-4149. [Full-Text]
2008 Dowling P, Walsh N, Clynes M. (2008) 'Membrane and membrane-associated proteins involved in the aggressive phenotype displayed by highly invasive cancer cells'. 8 :4054-4065. [Full-Text]
2007 Dowling P, ODriscoll L, Meleady P, Henry M, Roy S, Ballot J, Moriarty M, Crown J, Clynes M. (2007) 'Two-dimensional difference gel electrophoresis of the Lung Squamous cell carcinoma versus normal sera demonstrates consistent alterations in the levels of 10 specific proteins'. Electrophoresis, 28 :4302-4310. [Full-Text]
2007 Dowling P, Maurya P, Meleady P, Glynn SA, Dowd AJ, Henry M, Clynes M. (2007) 'Purification and identification of a 7.6-kDa protein in media conditioned by superinvasive cancer cells'. Anticancer Research, 27 :1309-1317. [Full-Text]
2006 Doran P, Dowling P, Donoghue P, Buffini M, Ohlendieck K. (2006) 'Reduced expression of regucalcin in young and aged mdx diaphragm indicates abnormal cytosolic calcium handling in dystrophin-deficient muscle'. Biochimica et biophysica acta, 1764 :773-785. [Full-Text]
2006 Dowling P, O'Driscoll L, O'Sullivan F, Dowd A, Henry M, Jeppesen PB, Meleady P, Clynes M. (2006) 'Proteomic screening of glucose-responsive and glucose non-responsive MIN-6 beta cells reveals differential expression of proteins involved in protein folding, secretion and oxidative stress'. 6 :6578-6587. [Full-Text]
2005 Donoghue P, Doran P, Dowling P, Ohlendieck K. (2005) 'Differential expression of the fast skeletal muscle proteome following chronic low-frequency stimulation'. Biochimica et biophysica acta, 1752 :166-176. [Full-Text]
2004 Dowling P, Doran P, Ohlendieck K. (2004) 'Naturally protected muscle phenotypes: Development of novel treatment strategies for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy'. BASIC AND APPLIED MYOLOGY, 14 :169-178. [Full-Text]
2004 Doran P, Dowling P, Lohan J, McDonnell K, Poetsch S, Ohlendieck K. (2004) 'Subproteomics analysis of Ca+-binding proteins demonstrates decreased calsequestrin expression in dystrophic mouse skeletal muscle'. European Journal of Biochemistry, 271 :3943-3952. [Full-Text]
2002 Dowling P, Culligan K, Ohlendieck K. (2002) 'Distal mdx muscle groups exhibiting up-regulation of utrophin and rescue of dystrophin-associated glycoproteins exemplify a protected phenotype in muscular dystrophy'. Naturwissenschaften, 89 :75-78. [Full-Text]
2002 Culligan K, Banville N, Dowling P, Ohlendieck K. (2002) 'Drastic reduction of calsequestrin-like proteins and impaired calcium binding in dystrophic mdx muscle'. Journal of Applied Physiology, 92 :435-445. [Full-Text]

Book Review

Year Publication
2007 Maurya P, Meleady P, Dowling P, Clynes M. (2007) Proteomic approaches for serum biomarker discovery in cancer. [Book Review]
2007 O'Connor R, Clynes M, Dowling P, O'Donovan N, O'Driscoll L. (2007) Drug resistance in cancer Searching for mechanisms, markers and therapeutic agents. [Book Review]
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