MIEC students achieve outstanding results in the Chinese National English Competition for College Students

Monday, March 22, 2021 - 13:00

1st National Prize Winner
Longrui Lan, a 2nd year MIEC Robotics & Intelligent Devices student, won the overall 1st prize in National English Competition for College Students (NECCS) 2020, in category C for non- English undergraduate majors. This is a fantastic achievement considering that over 1,000 institutions and more than one million undergraduates participated in the NECCS competition. Longrui Lan competed against 6,000 finalists.
2nd National Prize Winner
Individual National 2nd Prize was presented to Minghao Li, 2nd year Media, Mobile & Web Development student.
Group 3rd Prize Recipients

The Group National 3rd Prize was awarded to four MIEC students.  The group members were LiCheng Zhu , 2nd year Electronic Engineering,  Zichen Huang , 1st year Electronic Engineering, Xinyi Zhang and Jiayuan Su, both 2nd year Robotics & Intelligent Devices students.
Well done to all the MIEC students who participated in the NECCS 2020 and congratulations to the winners. We also extend our congratulations to the team of MIEC English language teachers, led by the English Language Programme Coordinator, Ms. Fatima Halday, for their remarkable work.