Our Research Areas

Labour, Economics of Inequality Aedín Doris, Irene Mosca, Donal O’Neill, Olive Sweetman, Alex Farnell
International Trade Gerda Dewit, Dermot Leahy
Economics of Education Aedín Doris, Irene Mosca, Donal O’Neill, Olive Sweetman, Tuvana Pastine
Political Economy and Public Economics Simon Broome, Tuvana Pastine
Macroeconomics and International Finance Simon Broome, Margaret Hurley, Rowena Pecchenino
Industrial Organization Gerda Dewit, Dermot Leahy, Paul O’Sullivan, Tuvana Pastine
Behavioral Economics Rowena Pecchenino
Health and Aging Donal O’Neill, Rowena Pecchenino, Olive Sweetman, Irene Mosca 
Sports Economics Donal O’Neill, Paul O’Sullivan, Alex Farnell
Econometrics Donal O’Neill
Environmental Economics Paul O’Sullivan, Rowena Pecchenino
Development Economics  Bruno Morando
Agricultural Economics Bruno Morando
Game Theory Tuvana Pastine