Treasa Keegan

Interest Rate Risk Manager
BNP Paribas
Computer Science
BSc Computer Science & Software Engineering

Treasa Keegan graduated from Maynooth University with a degree in Computer Science and Software Engineering as the Celtic Tiger neared its peak, but had no idea she would be in the eye of the storm when the Global Financial Crisis took hold. Treasa recalls, “Having felt a little lost after my graduation, I took a job with French bank BNP Paribas straight out of college, supporting their computer systems in Dublin. I did not intend to stay in support, but at the time I was yet to decide my career path. After a while, I became the key IT contact for the dealing room, which was a very exciting, high-pressure area of the bank. It was my first exposure to financial markets. I realised I’d like to make a career switch, and when I made a case for this the bank agreed. Initially I was in a specialist support role but I soon made it onto the dealing team itself but little did I know this would be right in time for the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930's. Although nerve wracking, it was the best learning curve I could have hoped for, and I have never looked back.”

Treasa now manages the liquidity and interest rate risk on a significant portfolio for the bank, which among other things, involves hedging assets and liabilities using derivatives. She has implemented several systems in her role to support the risk management effort. With her academic background in computer science and a strong track record in trading, she has also taken up an interest in blockchain and cryptocurrency, which melds the two disciplines together.
“Getting back in touch with Maynooth University has been a real treat, especially volunteering with the Computer Science Advisory Group.” Treasa added, “One of the biggest lessons that I think many of us have learned is that our career paths are rarely straight and predictable.”