Francesco Fusco

PhD Electronic Engineering

What did you enjoy most about your time in Maynooth?
My time at NUI Maynooth was an incredible life experience, thanks to its lively, multi-cultural and friendly atmosphere, offering great opportunities for my own development, not only as a post-graduate student but also as a person. What I mostly enjoyed was the good balance between study and personal life, greatly facilitated by the good organization of the study-courses as well as the impressive availability of facilities, of social activities and of all sorts of personal support.
What Qualification did you study?
I first arrived to NUIM as an exchange post-graduate student, to work on a 6-months research project for the final thesis of my Master's degree in Italy. I then had the opportunity to pursue a PhD in Electronic Engineering. I must say that I was really positively impressed with the informal and welcoming atmosphere within NUIM Engineering department. The professional, knowledgeable staff and post-graduate colleagues, always friendly, supportive and open to all sorts of exchanges of ideas and experiences, as well as the facilities and resources made available by the department, really contributed to making my learning experience unique.
What was your journey after Maynooth and where are you currently working?
Soon after completing my PhD at NUIM I have joined the Smarter Cities Technology Centre of IBM Research Ireland, as a research staff member.