Edward O'Connor

Associate Lecturer
School of Business
School of Business
BBS in Business and Management
PhD in Business

Attending Maynooth to study business, as a mature student, changed my career. On the day of my 40th birthday I lost my job, I had over 20 years work experience, most working as a manager in the SME sector. I decided to return to education, and after a lot of searching decided on Maynooth. I intended orignally just to up-skill, make myself more employable.

But after one year I realised I wanted to work in academia. This was down to the Maynooth effect, and the influence of two great lecturers, Dr. Marian Crowley-Henry and Dr. John Cullen. Not only did they introduce me to the world of an academic career, but also helped me believe in my own ability to forge a career in this field.

So, the highlight of attending Maynooth was how it changed of my life!

John and Pat Hume Scholar
IRC Scholar

For a mature business student it was the support and interest shown by the lecturers. The open door policy, and access to so many experts.
It has the best of both worlds, the old 'dreaming spires' of the south campus, and the modern and developing north campus. It has a local, village feel and one never felt lost among the crowds.

Soft skills, which are so important, such as self-belief and critical thinking.

Technical skills needed to be a first-rate academic.

Yes, go for it. When you get here, use the supports that are there to help. Get the basics right early on, and always remember ask questions, there is no such thing as a stupid question.

Left school after my leaving. Started out in low skilled jobs but worked my way up to management positions in a number of SMEs. I was mainly working in general management and project management in the sign and graphic trade. I lost my job in 2010 and, with a lot of support from my wife, I came to Maynooth to study for a degree in Business and Management.
After my degree I applied for, and won, a John and Pat Hume scholarship. I started on a 4 year PhD journey, which culminated in me gaining a 5-year tenured track as a lecturer in the School of Business. My area of research is Careers and HR.

Graduating for my PhD.

Lecturing under-grads in HRM, and reseaching careers, with an emphasis on skilled migration.

Teaching this current generation. They are such a capable and confident generation, with so much to offer.
As a HR lecturer I have become the 'go to guy' for career advice and help, and to get mails thanking you for assisting someone in getting their career on track is so rewarding.