Dr Shane Lynn

Bachelor of Engineering with Computers, Ph.D. in Engineering

"Maynooth was a fantastic place for my third-level studies. The size of the college, and the Engineering department, is ideal in that it is large enough to support a range of different activities and interest groups, and at the same time, small enough for a superb sense of community and friendliness. The Engineering department itself provided an excellent environment for learning, fostering great relationships between pupils and staff throughout my years there.

After my time in Maynooth, I worked for some time as a research engineer with Intel Ireland. Following this I took a post-doctoral research position with the University of Technology, Sydney, in Australia. After some time travelling Asia and South America, I have now taken a position as a senior analytics consultant with Deloitte in Dublin. I work with Deloitte to analyse, visualise, and model large data sets for financial institutions in Dublin.

I would describe my college years as extremely formative years of my life, a time in which I formed many of the friendships and memories that I value greatly today. Maynooth University and it’s environs played a massive and positive part for me during this time, I would highly recommend it as a place to study."