Dr. Aisling Dunne

Lead Scientist, Plastid AS (USA), New York, USA
Lead Scientist, Plastid AS (USA), New York, USA; PhD, Biology Department, Maynooth University (2011); BSc. Science (2005).

Aisling came to Maynooth University as an undergraduate student in 2001 to pursue a BSc degree in Science. Knowledgeable and enthusiastic lecturers at Maynooth University sparked a fire for her interest in learning about plant biology and bioengineering.  Fueling this fire, she worked on expressing H. pylori antigenic proteins in transplastomic tobacco plants as her undergraduate project. After graduating with a BSc. (Hons) degree, Aisling continued to pursue her PhD in plant molecular biology under the guidance of primary investigator Dr. Jackie Nugent.
While in Dr. Nugent’s lab, Aisling’s work focused on the development of a plant based production system for high value Influenza recombinant proteins for use as potential vaccines. During her training, she developed highly desirable skills such as plastid transformation and advanced techniques in molecular biology. These skills translated to her obtaining a position as lead scientist in the plant biotechnology company, Plastid AS in New York City, a company that is trail blazing plastid transformation and the commercialization of plant based systems. In this company, she continues to work in this exciting field developing novel techniques in plant biotechnology.
“Attending Maynooth University provided me with the skills and knowledge that have established me in the field of plant bioengineering and have led me to obtaining, not just a job, but a career in an extremely exciting and fast paced field.”