Aidan Molloy

Senior Product Manager
Computer Science
Computer Science and Software Engineering

One of the highlights of being at Maynooth is meeting a wide array of different people from not just around Ireland, but around the world. This allows you to build up key relationships and to prepare you for a modern multi-national workforce.

I was involved in the Students' Union from day one, starting as the First Year Rep for the University and was voted Entertainments Officer for two years running. The Students' Union is a great place to get to know a lot of students and faculty, and is important as you progress your career after college.

You learn what your strengths are, and more importantly what your weaknesses are. It is key to know what you are comfortable with, and be able to mix with a wide spectrum of people (thanks to the numerous societies in Maynooth.)

I have yet to meet someone who regretted their time in Maynooth; each person thoroughly enjoyed both the academic and the social aspect of Maynooth.

One of the highlights of my career so far was presenting at Mobile World Congress, talking about virtualised infrastructure and the latest trends in networking.

As a Product Manager, I oversee the Product Roadmap for a number of components leveraging platforms such as Kubernetes and Openstack. I present to customers on how they can benefit from using our services.