Kevin Rooney

Brand Manager
Dublin West
Marketing, advertising and PR
Computer Science
BSc. Finance and Venture Management with Computer Science
MSc. IT Management

I enjoyed almost everything I did in Maynooth and my experience as a whole was brilliant. No greater feeling each year than when you get your results and realise you are one step closer to having a degree. Every year I studied in the library during exam time and to be able to walk out the library door and within 30 seconds be in a nice quiet field was amazing. Great way to just relax for a few minutes between study by going for a walk around the south campus.

I was involved in the rugby club from 1st - 3rd year but then I couldn't play anymore but still attended games. I think we came second in a cup in first year. I did enter the entrepreneur competition in 4th year but I didn't win in the end. It was fun to be involved and got great advice from the people running it.  Advice that I actually use in the company I work for now. The advice was that when selling a product/service don't say the product/service is cheap, call it affordable or that it has a competitive price.

Where it is without a doubt - Maynooth is small in comparison to Dublin City but it has everything you need and the people around Maynooth are so friendly. The location as well brought a huge amount of security for both myself and my car and I know it did for a lot of my friends too. It's not something you'd get being in a college in one of the cities.

I learned to prepare for things. To prepare for exams, interviews, meetings, presentations or anything else that you possibly need to prepare for. "Fail to prepare, prepare to fail" To be organised. In college I organised everything per subject, in work I organise everything by different categories. To review and to double check my work. It is boring to do but when someone pulls you up on something you didn't look over, you'll regret not doing so. All of these skills play an essential part in my career and I learnt a lot of them during my time at Maynooth.

A business based degree is a great thing to do. It is a broad enough degree and allows you to choose from a lot of different type of jobs. I'd recommend doing it in conjunction with something like computer science or biology for example. With a primary degree in a business based subject, I really think it is no harm to do a postgrad after too. As I've said, it is a broad enough field with plenty of jobs, but it is also a competitive one so the more degrees you have to your name the more you narrow down the competition.