Internal Transfers

Internal Transfer options are available to continuing undergraduate students from Maynooth University (and St. Patrick’s Pontifical University), who wish to transfer to another programme in Year 2 or above in Maynooth University. Internal transfers normally have two forms: 1. Automatic Transfers and, 2. Application to Transfer.

  1. Automatic Transfers will continue as before. Such transfers are available to undergraduate students who are eligible for transfer into Year 2 or above of a different programme based on agreed published criteria. Application to transfer is not required. If the student meets the criteria, all possible options will be made available to them when they register online at the beginning of the new academic year. It will be up to the student which option they choose.
  2. Application to Transfer applies to undergraduate students who are not eligible for an automatic transfer route but may apply for an internal transfer based on exams results and subjects/modules already passed. These types of transfers are subject to space availability and student results. They will require Head of Department recommendation, and the Curriculum Office’s approval in conjunction with the Registry Transfer Committee where necessary. The Registry Transfer Committee is comprised of Registry staff from the Student Records Office, Examinations Office and Curriculum Office.  

All queries related to internal transfers are welcome, and the Curriculum Office can be contacted by email at Depending on the time of year, we aim to respond to your query within 3 working days. We would advise students to check the list of automatic transfer options available (see link below) before submitting an application. Note there will be no application fee from 1st November 2023.

MU Automatic Internal Transfer Options AY 2023-24

Application to Transfer

If you are not eligible for an internal transfer based on published automatic routes (see link above), an application can be made via the 'Application to Transfer Form' which will be available online HERE from January 4th 2024. The deadline for completed applications is July 14th 2024.

Please note, you must use your MU email address when completing the 'Application to Transfer' form. If you intend on applying for an internal transfer and are not a current student, please email for further advice. 

*** Exam Results for all students are due to be released on Friday 28th of June. The Curriculum Office will be in contact with all applicants who have already applied for an internal transfer via the online application form after this point. Applicants are not required to make further contact at this stage, as we will be in touch with the outcome of your application and next steps in due course. ***


Year 1 to Year 1 transfer requests and external transfers
All external transfers (students seeking admission to MU to any year) and transfer of MU students from Year 1 to Year 1 of another programme (where application via the CAO is required) will continue to be handled by the Admissions Office, who can be contacted at their email address: