Aindriú O'Meara

Software Engineer
IT and telecoms
Computer Science
BSc Computer Science and Software Engineering

My role has a strong emphasis on technical knowledge. Code reading and software engineering would be skills I use regularly. The other major skill I would use is communication skills. Typically I would sit with clients and try to work out what they need, this means a lot of verbal and written communication.

After graduating in 2009 I worked first in an accounts department for a small firm and then as an intern at an IT support company. My goal was a developer job however these roles are difficult to gain without significant experience. Employers typically look for at least two years' experience in a developer. Accenture interviewed me for a graduate position and took me on at the end of 2010.

My role is in web development but covers a varied spectrum of tasks day-to-day. One day I may be fixing bugs in code, another I may be meeting with clients to discuss an upcoming project.

I am a problem solver and Accenture affords me challenging environment to work in. From systembuilding to teambuilding my role is never dull. Furthermore Accenture is full of opportunities which I have not yet availed of but plan to further down the road.

I applied online for the Solutions workforce in Accenture after hearing about them on a radio programme

Inform yourself on how an industry works before you get into it. Do this by asking people working in it. Look at the overall package a company can offer, not just the salary. Take every opportunity to work with other people in college and the workplace. You'll get more done and have more fun.

(submitted January 2013)