Overseas and Irish scholars, interested in collaborative research with members of Maynooth University’s Arts and Humanities Institute and Arts Faculty, are invited to apply to the Institute’s Visiting Fellows Scheme (2024-25), which is open from Monday, 1 April 2024 to Friday, 28 June 2024. Offers will be made to successful applicants during August 2024.
To successful applicants, the Institute provides funding, to a maximum of €2000. This funding helps with the visiting fellow’s travel cost to and from Maynooth and their accommodation costs while in Maynooth (together to a maximum of €2,000). Fellowships are usually of a week’s duration and are taken up during term time. During their Maynooth stay, fellows, in collaboration with their Maynooth University academic sponsors, organise a public research event on campus.
Under the scheme, the Institute offers, in addition to the above mentioned travel and accommodation support, a desk space in the Iontas Building, library access (organised through the department of the visiting fellow’s Maynooth University academic sponsor), and general administrative support.
To apply, please read the eligibility criteria/conditions listed below, and complete the visiting fellow application form. Successful applicants will be notified by the Institute Director and may take up their fellowships, in term time, and any time after 25 September 2024.
Eligibility and Conditions:

  1. Applicants require an academic sponsor who is a full time, permanent member of Maynooth University Arts Faculty and the Arts and Humanities Institute. The academic sponsor should be present on campus for the duration of the fellow’s stay.
  2. Applicants hold a PhD in their discipline at the time of making the application, and have a permanent academic affiliation.
  3. Applicants’ research is aligned with Maynooth University’s Strategic Plan 2023-2028, particularly under Research Beacon Three, ‘Heritage, Culture and Language’. Applications for digital humanities projects and research with a digital dimension are particularly welcome, under Research Beacon One, ‘Data and Digital Transformations’. https://strategy.maynoothuniversity.ie/our-five-year-focus/#research-and-impact