Funding: Royal Irish Academy Grant Schemes Open for Applications

Tuesday, September 28, 2021 - 16:00

The Royal Irish Academy currently have six grant schemes open for applications:

Charlemont grants scheme is open to applications from all disciplines in the Humanities, Social Sciences and Sciences until 3 November. It provides seed funding for the development of international or all-island collaboration projects.

Archaeology Research Excavation Grants is welcoming applications until 8 October for research excavations in the Republic of Ireland. Supported by the National Monuments Service.

Archaeology Legacy Projects, together with the National Monuments Service, is welcoming applications for post-excavation research for Archaeological Research Excavations that were previously funded by the RIA. Closing on 8 October.

Directed Archaeological Research for World Heritage Sites is welcoming applications for non-destructive work until 8 October and is supported by the National Monuments Service.

Archaeology Radiocarbon Dates Scheme offers radiocarbon dating for the purposes of archaeological research in Ireland in association with Queen's University Belfast. Closing 8 October.

R.J. Hunter Digital Fellowship is a one-year post-doctoral Fellowship to develop a prosopographical database of English and Scottish settlers in the Ulster Plantation (1609-1700). Closing 20 October.