The Dublin Housing Observatory (DHO) is a new research unit, based in Dublin City Council and overseen by an independent advisory board. It is a new initiative in Dublin City Council’s ongoing development of its overall competencies in housing, planning, economic development, inclusion and integration. It currently comprises a staff team of three full-time professionals led by DCC senior management and reporting to the Deputy Chief Executive in Housing and Community Services.
The DHO strives to provide evidence which informs housing policy and leads to better practice. Its mission statement is “to make Dublin city an affordable and sustainable place to live by ensuring its housing and urban development strategy, policy and practice is underpinned by robust evidence.”
Working in partnership with Dublin City Council and Ordnance Survey Ireland, AIRO has launched the Dublin Housing Observatory (DHO) Mapping Viewer. The DHO Mapping Viewer provides the most detailed information on Dublin’s housing market with a focus on the rental market, property sales and valuations, planning and zoning, along with key Census based socio-economic variables.

From Left to Right; Mr Eoghan McCarthy (AIRO), Dr Daíthí Downey (DHO), Professor Ken Gibb (CaCHE), and Mr Colin Bray (OSi)

The DHO Mapping Viewer can be viewed by the public online and provides detailed information on every aspect of Dublin’s housing market, including; rental rates in different parts of the city, the number of registered tenancies versus owner-occupied homes in Dublin, and, rental and property prices.