4th Maynooth-Leuven-Edinburgh Brexit Seminar held at Maynooth Law School

Visit to the Russell Library
Friday, June 24, 2022 - 18:15

On Friday 24 June Maynooth School of Law and Criminology hosted the 4th Maynooth-Leuven-Edinburgh Seminar on EU-UK legal relations. The seminar was co-organised by Prof Tobias Lock, Jean Monnet Chair in EU Law and Fundamental Rights at the School, Prof Wouter Devroe, Dean of KU Leuven Faculty of Law and Criminology,  and Dr Leandro Mancano, Edinburgh Law School. The seminar featured 11 presentations mostly by early-career researchers on various aspects of the new EU-UK legal relationship. The schedule of presentations was as follows:
Session 1: Citizenship and Social Security
Emily Hancox (University of Bristol): Interpreting the Citizens’ Rights Provisions of the Withdrawal Agreement
Gillian More (KU Leuven): Social Security Coordination between the EU and the UK post-Brexit: a strange but happy continuity
Nicolas Rennuy (University of York): Social protection of migrants with disabilities post-Brexit
Sose Mayilyan (Dublin City University): Free Movement of Persons and Social Benefits: Influencing Factors 
Session 2: Northern Ireland
Lisa Claire Whitten (Queen’s University Belfast): Implementing Protocol: The Legal Dynamism and Political Stagnation of Post-Brexit Northern Ireland
Tobias Lock (Maynooth University): Common Travel Area
Emma McEvoy (Maynooth University): Regulating public contracts on the island of Ireland – A post-Brexit comparative review 
Session 3: Substantive Law
Yuliya Kaspiarovich (University of Groningen): UK’s post-Brexit ‘roll-over’ agreements and challenges for EU ‘mixtiy’
Wouter Devroe and Lennard Michaux (KU Leuven): New EU-UK relations in competition and free movement (services, establishment and capital)
Jakub Brejadk and Lukas Schaupp (University of Warsaw and Centre for European Policy Studies): EU and UK FDI screening in the face of geopolitical crises: Time to breathe life into the 'living' agreement?
Leandro Mancano (University of Edinburgh): Criminal Law Cooperation