MU Dept of Physics to host Young Researchers School 2024

Monday, January 1, 2024 - 00:00

Young Researchers School 2024


on Topological aspects of low-dimensional quantum physics


21-27 April 2024


Applications are now being accepted. Please click here to apply


 Scope of the school


The YRISW spirit

The Young Researchers Integrability School and Workshop (YRISW) is an ongoing series of meetings devoted to review the latest advances in exact techniques in theoretical physics, at the frontier with mathematics. Past editions have focused on integrable quantum field theories, exact results in AdS/CFT, low dimensional physical systems, and superconformal field theories. The topic of the 2024 edition of the Young Research School is the exploration of the topological properties of low dimensional quantum field theories. In particular, the school will offer an introduction to the fast evolving field of generalised symmetries, quantum computions and topological insulators.   The 2024 edition will be the 8th in a series of meetings, which are characterised by an underlying idea: a meeting for young researchers, designed by young researchers. The topics are presented in a pedagogical way, combining long blackboard lectures and tutorials, in such a way as to be accessible to PhD students in theoretical physics as well as to exceptional MSc students. 

Scientific program

The five courses that make up the school will each have 5 lectures and around 3 hours of tutorial time. For more detailed information on lectures and speakers, please click here

Pre-courses (online)

  • Mathematical foundations, by Pieralberto Marchetti
  • CFT basics, by Christian Northe

Courses (in person at Maynooth University)

  • Chern-Simons and Anyons, by Pieralberto Marchetti
  • Topological insulators, by Flore Kunst
  • Defects and boundaries, by Christian Northe
  • Generalised and non-invertible symmetries, by Ho Tat Lam
  • Topology in quantum computation, by Yizhi You



  • Marius de Leeuw, Trinity College Dublin
  • Saskia Demulder, Ben Gurion University of the Negev
  • Graham Kells, Maynooth University
  • Alessandro Sfondrini, Padova University
  • Joost Slingerland, Maynooth University
  • Jiri Vala, Maynooth University


For more detailed information, please click here