Astrophysics & Cosmology Masterclass, MU Dept. of Theoretical Physics

Friday, November 17, 2023 - 10:00 to 11:45
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What are black holes? How did they form? How did our Universe begin and how will it end? What is the JWST and what has it shown us?

A Masterclass for 5th & 6th year students!

When? Friday, November 17
Where? Online - Zoom 
What time? 10am - 11.45am

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Masterclass Details:

Join Dr. John Regan and Dr. Patrick Kavanagh from Maynooth University to learn about some of the most fascinating objects in our Universe and about the origin of our Universe.

This Masterclass in Cosmology & Astrophysics is specifically designed to cater for second level students in the Leaving Cert Cycle. The 2 hour presentation will cover some of the leading ideas in astrophysics research today while also introducing students to the fundamental research being conducted at Maynooth University today. Students will learn about the degree course in Theoretical Physics and Physics with Astrophysics at Maynooth, the topics which are covered in the course and what students can do with a degree in Physics.

The Speakers:

Dr. John Regan is a Royal Society - SFI University Research Fellow at Maynooth University. He is a world expert in black hole formation and evolution. His research centres on understanding how black holes form and grow and how we may be able to observe the first black holes in the Universe through Gravitational Waves.

Dr. Patrick Kavanagh is a lecturer at Maynooth University and SFI Pathway Fellow. He is a member of the JWST Mid-Infrared Instrument team and worked on commissioning JWST in the Mission Operations Center at the Space Telescope Science Institute. His research is focussed on the study of stellar feedback engines such as massive stellar clusters, supernovae and their remnants, and how these affect the evolution of galaxies.

Theoretical Physics @ MU:

Theoretical Physics is the study of the world around us. It incorporates everything from the sub-atomic through the study of quantum mechanics and solid state physics to the world of cosmology incorporating general relativity. A strong background in Mathematics underpins Theoretical Physics with many physical theories based on solid mathematical principles. Allied to this is the complementary use of numerical methods and there are a number of modules within the Theoretical Physics degree aimed at increasing students computational proficiency.

Physics with Astrophysics @MU:

Interested in astronomy, cosmology, celestial systems, and astrophysics? At Maynooth we have developed a special 4-year honours course which combines the study of physics and astronomy. The study of the stars and galaxies has enthralled people for centuries, and our students are no exception. Since the course began in September 2001 there has been great interest, and students who have taken the course have excelled in their studies.

If you have any questions about this Masterclass or the content, please contact Dr John Regan: