Dr Ciarán Reilly

History, Centre for the Study of Historic Irish Houses and Estates

Assistant Lecturer
Assistant Director of the Centre for the Study of Historic Irish Houses & Estates

Junior Infirmary, South Campus
1st Floor


Dr Ciarán Reilly is an historian of nineteenth and twentieth century Irish social history at the Department of History, Maynooth University with a special interest in the Great Irish Famine, Irish country houses, landed estates, the Irish revolution and the Irish diaspora. He is also Assistant Director of the Centre for the Study of Historic Irish Houses & Estates at the Department of History.


Year Publication
2019 Ciaran Reilly (2019) Capard: An Irish Country House & Estate. Dublin: Irish Georgian Society.
2014 Ciaran Reilly (2014) The Irish Land Agent: the case of King's County, 1830-60. Dublin: Four Courts Press.
2014 Ciaran Reilly (2014) Strokestown and the Great Irish Famine. Dublin: Four Courts Press.
2012 Ciaran Reilly (2012) John Plunket Joly and the Great Famine in King’s County. Dublin: Four Courts Press.
2007 Ciaran Reilly (2007) Edenderry, county Offaly and the Downshire estate 1790-1800. Dublin: Four Courts Press.

Book Chapter

Year Publication
2020 Ciaran Reilly (2020) '‘Memories of Sigerson Cup Football at Maynooth’' In: We remember Maynooth. Dublin : Messenger.
2016 Ciaran Reilly (2016) '‘What did people die of during the Great Famine? The world of James Dillon (1788-1859)' In: Death and the Irish: a miscellany. Dublin : Wordwell.
2016 CIaran Reilly (2016) '‘Like shooting snipe at Ballindoolin: William Upton Tyrrell and the Great War’' In: The Country House and the Great War. Dublin : Four Courts Press.
2015 Ciaran Reilly (2015) '‘Aspects of Agency: John Ross Mahon, accommodation and resistance on the Strokestown Estate, 1845–51’' In: Power and hunger: Popular politics in Ireland’s Great Famine, 1845-1852. New York : New York.
2014 CIaran Reilly (2014) '‘A middleman in the 1840s: Charles Carey and the Leinster estate’' In: Aspects of Irish aristocratic life: Essays on the FitzGerald’s and Carton House. Dublin : UCD Press.
2012 Ciaran Reilly (2012) '‘King’s County during the Great Famine: Poverty and plenty’' In: Atlas of the Great Irish Famine. Cork : UCC Press.
2011 Ciaran Reilly (2011) '‘Clearing the estate to fill the workhouse: King’s County land agents and the Irish Poor Law Act of 1838’' In: Poverty and welfare in Ireland 1838-1948. Dublin : Irish Academic Press.
2011 Ciaran Reilly (2011) '‘The burning of country houses in Co. Offaly during the revolutionary period, 1920-23’' In: The Irish Country House: its past, present and future. Dublin : Four Courts Press.
2019 Ciaran Reilly (2019) '‘The courtship, marriage and honeymoon of a Church of Ireland rector in post-Famine Ireland’' In: Marriage and the Irish: a miscellany. Dublin : Wordwell.
2018 Ciaran Reilly (2018) '‘Strokestown and the Pakenham Mahon estate’' In: Roscommon History and Society. Interdisciplinary essays on the history of an Irish County. Dublin : Geography Publications.
2018 Ciaran Reilly (2018) '‘‘A vast waste of pauperism’’: An examination of Irish Famine eviction’' In: The Great Famine and Social Class: Conflicts, responsibilities, representations. Oxford : Peter Laing.
2018 Ciaran Reilly (2018) '‘The evolution of the Irish land agent: the management of the Blundell estate in the eighteenth century’' In: The Land Agent, 1700-1920. Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press.
2018 Ciaran Reilly (2018) '‘The Famine diaries and sketches of John Plunket Joly’' In: The Great Famine and its impacts: Visual and material Culture. Liverpool : Liverpool University Press.
2018 Ciaran Reilly (2018) '‘The country house and the Great Famine: Mildred Darby' In: Women and the country house in Ireland and Britain. Dubin : Four Courts Press.
2018 Ciaran Reilly (2018) '‘Feasting in a time of Famine: Dublin Castle & the Great Hunger’' In: Coming Home: Art and the Great Hunger. Cork : UCC Press.
2017 Ciaran Reilly (2017) '“Nearly starved to death”: The female petition during the Great Famine’' In: Women and the Great Hunger. Quinnipiac : Quinnipiac University Press.
2017 Ciaran Reilly (2017) '‘Remembrances of love and duty’: Famine remittances to Ireland during the 1840s’' In: John Mitchel, Ulster and the Great Irish Famine. Kildare : Irish Academic Press.
2023 Ciaran Reilly (2023) '‘The Mahon estate and its people' In: Hunger and Hope The Irish Famine Migration from Strokestown, Roscommon in 1847. Cork : UCC Press.
2022 Ciaran Reilly (2022) '‘The world of goods and commodities in Famine Dublin’' In: Dublin and the Great Irish Famine. Dublin : UCD Press.
2022 Ciaran Reilly (2022) '‘Being with the people’: Irish missionaries in twentieth-century South Africa and their role in the anti-Apartheid struggle’' In: The Irish Catholic Diaspora: five centuries of global presence. Amsterdam : Peter Laing.
2021 Ciaran Reilly (2021) '‘The Gregory Act and Ireland’s Great Famine’' In: Land reform in the British and Irish isles since 1800. Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press.
2020 Christine Kinealy & Gerard Moran (2020) '‘A half-starved nation’: Famine in Ireland in 1831’' In: Irish famines before and after the Great Hunger. Connecticut : Quinnipiac University.
2019 Terence Dooley & Christopher Ridgway (2019) '‘Ill-gotten acres’: The GAA and the Irish country house’' In: Sport and leisure in the Irish and British country house. Dublin : Four Courts Press.
2018 Michael Byrne (editor) (2018) '‘Please God he will come home safely: Edenderry and the First World War’' In: Offaly and the Great War. Tullamore : Esker Press.

Edited Book

Year Publication
2022 Emily Mark FitzGerald;Ciaran McCabe;Ciaran Reilly (Ed.). (2022) Dublin and the Great Irish Famine. Dublin: UCD Press, [Link]
2018 Ciaran Reilly, Lowri Ann Rees & Annie Tindley (Ed.). (2018) The Land Agent, 1700-1920. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press,
2018 Lowri Ann Rees;Ciaran Reilly;Annie Tindley (Ed.). (2018) The Land Agent, 1700-1920. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press,
2017 Ciaran Reilly, Christine Kinealy & Jason King (Ed.). (2017) Women and the Great Hunger in Ireland. Connecticut: Quinnipiac University Press,
2016 Ciaran Reilly (Ed.). (2016) The Famine Irish: Emigration and the Great Hunger. Dublin: The History Press,

Peer Reviewed Journal

Year Publication
2018 Ciaran Reilly (2018) 'An inhospitable welcome: Emigration to South Africa during the Great Irish Famine’'. BREAC: A Digital Journal of Irish Studies, .
2017 Ciaran Reilly (2017) '‘The world of the Cavan cottier during the Great Irish Famine’'. COLLEGIUM, :9-20.
2017 Ciaran Reilly (2017) '‘The administration of Famine relief at Rathkenny, county Cavan’'. BREIFNE, :157-165.
2015 Ciaran Reilly (2015) '‘The Magna Hibernia: Irish envoys in South Africa, 1921’'. South African Historical Journal, :255-270.

Online Database

Year Publication
2013 Ciaran Reilly (2013) ‘Conneff, Thomas Patrick’. [Online Database]
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