Dr Brian McKenzie

Critical Skills

Senior Lecturer

Rowan House
(01) 708 6287


I have a PhD in history from Stony Brook University. I am the subject leader for Critical Skills and a co-creator of Maynooth University's microcredential 'Writing for Role-Playing Games: Narratives, Adventures, and Worldbuilding.' My current research interests are in game studies, the pedagogy of multiliteracies and digital technologies, and Wikipedia  


Year Publication
2005 Dr Brian McKenzie (2005) Remaking France: Americanization, Public Diplomacy, And the Marshall Plan. : Berghahn.

Book Chapter

Year Publication
2023 Neil Thompson, Brian Flanagan, Edana Richardson, Brian McKenzie, Xueyun Luo (2023) 'Trial by Internet: A Randomized Field Experiment on Wikipedia’s Influence on Judges’ Legal Reasoning' In: The Cambridge Handbook of Experimental Jurisprudence. New York : Cambridge University Press (In Press).
2022 Brian McKenzie (2022) 'Worldbuilding, Gaming, and Multiliteracies in an Online First-Year Seminar' In: Handbook of Research on Acquiring 21st Century Literacy Skills Through Game-Based Learning. Pennsylvania : IGI Global. [Link]
2021 Brian McKenzie (2021) 'Using Wikipedia to Teach Information Literacy: From Positivism to Critical Pedagogy' In: Wikipedia in Academia. Padova : Padova University Press.

Peer Reviewed Journal

Year Publication
2024 Brian McKenzie (2024) '“Murders on the stage, tortures, woundings and the like”: Dungeons & Dragons Adventures as Tragedy'. Analog Game Studies, 11 (1). [Link]
2023 Edana Richardson, Brian McKenzie, Brian Flanagan, Neil Thompson (2023) 'Some might quibble with the fact that this information took the form of a Wikipedia page: Writing Wikipedia Articles on Legal Cases'. European Journal of Legal Education, .
2023 McKenzie, B. (2023) 'Dungeons and dragons and digital writing: A case study of worldbuilding'. Journal Of University Teaching And Learning Practice, 20 . [Link] [DOI]
2018 McKenzie B. (2018) 'Public intellectuals as policy makers: the democratization of culture and Sean O’Faoláin’s Arts Council, 1956–1959'. International Journal of Cultural Policy, . [DOI] [Full-Text]
2018 McKenzie B.; Brown J.; Casey D.; Cooney A.; Darcy E.; Giblin S.; Ní Mhórdha M. (2018) 'From Poetry to Palmerstown: Using Wikipedia to Teach Critical Skills and Information Literacy in A First-Year Seminar'. College Teaching, 66 (3):140-147. [DOI]
2016 Dr Brian McKenzie (2016) 'The European Youth Campaign in Ireland: Neutrality,Americanization, and the Cold War 1950 to 1959'. Diplomatic History, 40 (3):421-444. [DOI]
2014 Dr Brian McKenzie (2014) 'Teaching Twitter: Re-enacting the Paris Commune and the Battle of Stalingrad'. THE HISTORY TEACHER, 47 :355-372. [Full-Text]
2005 Dr Brian McKenzie (2005) 'Simulations, Sources, and the History Survey Course'. TEACHING HISTORY: A JOURNAL OF METHODS, XXX :82-90.
2003 Dr Brian McKenzie (2003) 'Creating a Tourist's Paradise'. FRENCH POLITICS, CULTURE, AND SOCIETY, 21 :35-54. http://dx.doi.org/10.3167/153763703782370404 [Full-Text]

Game Design

Year Publication
2023 Brian McKenzie (2023) Crypt of the Devil Lich, The Lost Level: The Lich Queen's Gambit. [Game Design]
2023 Brian McKenzie (2023) Adventures from the Emerald Isle. [Game Design]

Other Journal

Year Publication
2016 Brian McKenzie (2016) 'The Critical Skills Programme at Maynooth University' Guideline, 46 (1) .

Conference Contribution

Year Publication
2021 Brian McKenzie (2021) International Conference on Games and Narrative Worldbuilding on Wiki: A Case Study of MediaWiki, Speculative Fiction, and Writing Transfer University of Waterloo, .
2019 Brian McKenzie (2019) Wikipedia in Academia Using Wikipedia to Teach Information Literacy: From Positivism to Critical Pedagogy University of Padua, .
2017 Brian McKenzie (2017) State Examinations Commission Annual Conference From the Lyceum to the Leaving Certificate: Assessment and Creativity Kilkenny, .

Magazine Article

Year Publication
2015 Brian McKenzie (2015) Wilderness Adventures with Children. [Magazine Article]

Newspaper Articles

Year Publication
2020 Hood, A. and McKenzie, B (2020) How we can easily come to grips with online learning. [Newspaper Articles]
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