Dr Abeer Eshra

Hamilton Institute

Postdoctoral Researcher

Eolas Building


Peer Reviewed Journal

Year Publication
2019 Tianqi Song;Abeer Eshra;Shalin Shah;Hieu Bui;Daniel Fu;Ming Yang;Reem Mokhtar;John Reif; (2019) 'Fast and compact DNA logic circuits based on single-stranded gates using strand-displacing polymerase'. Nature Nanotechnology, . [DOI]
2019 Abeer Eshra;Shalin Shah;Tianqi Song;John Reif; (2019) 'Renewable DNA Hairpin-Based Logic Circuits'. IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology, . [DOI]
2019 Tianqi Song;Shalin Shah;Hieu Bui;Sudhanshu Garg;Abeer Eshra;Daniel Fu;Ming Yang;Reem Mokhtar;John Reif; (2019) 'Programming DNA-Based Biomolecular Reaction Networks on Cancer Cell Membranes'. Journal of the American Chemical Society, . [DOI]
2018 Tianqi Song;Nikhil Gopalkrishnan;Abeer Eshra;Sudhanshu Garg;Reem Mokhtar;Hieu Bui;Harish Chandran;John Reif; (2018) 'Improving the Performance of DNA Strand Displacement Circuits by Shadow Cancellation'. ACS Nano, . [DOI]
2017 (2017) 'Renewable DNA seesaw logic circuits enabled by photoregulation of toehold-mediated strand displacement'. Rsc Adv, . [DOI]
2014 Eshra, Abeer;El-Sayed, Ayman; (2014) 'An Odd Parity Checker Prototype Using DNAzyme Finite State Machine'. IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, . [DOI]
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