Growing Number of Indian Students at Maynooth University

Maynooth University is delighted to welcome 65 new postgraduate students from India this academic year!

This figure represents an increase of more than 800% compared to the 2016-17 academic session. Three primary factors have influenced the very considerable growth in the number of Indian students choosing to undertake their postgraduate studies at Maynooth: 

- Maynooth University introduced a new cross-disciplinary MSc programme in Data Science and Analytics
- The Irish government extended the Third Level Graduate Scheme from 12 to 24 months
- The International Office invested more resources in student recruitment from India 

Students from India are heavily career focused and are drawn primarily to degrees allied to promising job prospects. The introduction of the MSc Data Science and Analytics, which is administered by the Maynooth University Department of Mathematics and Statistics, received 221 applications from Indian students. Deirdre Dunne from the International Office and Prof David Redmond of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics who undertook the not-insignificant task of reviewing these applications, have been instrumental in securing 26 Indian students for the programme this September.

Other popular programmes amongst Indian students include the MSc in Business Management, the MSc in Computer Science (Applied) and the ME in Embedded Systems and Wireless Communications, which are hosting ten, six and five Indian students respectively.
When choosing their study location, one of the deciding factors for Indian students is the knowledge that they can remain in their host country to avail of employment opportunities post graduation. Ireland has recently extended the Third Level Graduate scheme from one to two years. This scheme is very attractive to both students and employers.

In order to increase this growth in student numbers from India and boost numbers from other markets, the International Office will be engaging with the Graduate Studies Office with regard to enhancing the existing suite of Masters programmes. In addition, as part of the development of its strategic plan, the International Office will be reviewing the allocation of resources to student-recruitment activities.