Online panel discussion on diversity in research and 'Picture A Scientist'

Thursday, October 21, 2021 - 11:00 to 12:00

The MU EDI Office will host a panel discussion focused on diversity in research and the documentary Picture a Scientist. The panel will be moderated by the Vice-President for Equality and Diversity, Dr Gemma Irvine.  The panel discussion on 21 October will be centred around the following questions:
· Why is diversity in research important?
· What positive actions can we as a community take to improve diversity in research?
· How do we address bias in research?
· How do we ensure that women and minorities don’t have to carry the burden of making research more fair? 

Register here to watch the film online during Research Week and join the discussion. Registered MU staff and students will be emailed instructions on to how to watch the film in their own time via our virtual screening room which will be open from 12 noon on Saturday 16 October until 12 noon on Saturday 23 October 2021. The film is also available to view on Netflix.  Open to all.