Innovation Value Institute at Maynooth University looks to unlock the full potential of Information Technology

Thursday, September 17, 2015 - 10:00

Information Technology (IT) is underpinning significant governmental, business and societal change. Yet many organisations struggle to manage their IT activities efficiently and effectively to consistently enable agility, innovation and value.
In response to this need, the Innovation Value Institute (IVI) at Maynooth University today launches the first edition of its body of knowledge (BoK) guide to IT Capability Maturity Framework (IT-CMF). This publication provides guidance (via use of design patterns) to help organizations deliver higher levels of IT-enabled agility, innovation and value.

The publication will be of interest to both IT professionals and general business professionals seeking to harness the full potential of information technology in their organisations, including CxOs, transformation change managers, IT strategy planners, general business managers, and IT professionals aspiring to demonstrate leadership in adopting better approaches to managing technology for agility, innovation and value impact.

IT-CMF represents an integrated management toolkit covering more than 30 capabilities concerning management of technology, where each management capability has an individual maturity profile, assessment method, and improvement roadmap.  Together, these components assist organisations to improve weaknesses in their management of IT, ensuring that technology can be used to its full advantage across the organisation.

IVI’s approach to researching IT-CMF involves collaboration with its international consortium, which spans public and private industry, as well as academia. This approach, using principles of open-innovation, encourages contributions from organizations across the globe, helping to make the BoK guide to IT-CMF one of the most comprehensive books ever published for managing IT.
IVI’s open-innovation research approach enables time-to-actionable-research to be achieved in shorter timeframes, incurring less expense and delivering better quality than what a single organisation (outside the consortium) might have achieved by itself.
It is anticipated that the release of this first edition body of knowledge (BoK) guide to IT-CMF will result in the accelerated adoption of better management practices, delivering higher levels of IT-enabled agility, innovation and value across public and private sector organizations.
Commenting on the launch Christian Morales, Corporate Vice President and General Manager EMEA, Intel Corporation said: “To successfully respond to competitive forces, organisations need to continually review and evolve their existing IT practices, processes, and cultural norms across the entire organisation. IT-CMF provides a structured framework for them to do that.”
Suresh Kumar, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer at BNY Mellon added: “The IT-CMF provides us with a structured and systematic approach to identify the capabilities we need, a way to assess our strengths and weaknesses, and clear pathways to improve our performance.”
Prof Martin Curley, Vice President, Intel Labs ​and Innovation Value Institute co-founder continued: "The IT-CMF does not seek to displace other useful IT frameworks – instead, it provides an umbrella under which other frameworks and methodologies can be understood and integrated to achieve synergy. It offers a coherent vision, a vocabulary, and a set of benchmarks that enable CIOs and other business leaders to identify their strengths and weaknesses, to set targets and to measure progress”.
Ralf Dreischmeier, Senior Partner and Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group added: “We have successfully applied IT-CMF in over 200 assignments for clients. It just works. Or, as our clients confirm, it helps them create more value from IT.”
Professor Philip Nolan, President, Maynooth University: “By using IT-CMF, business leaders can make sure that the tremendous potential of information technology is realised in their organisations.”

The book can be purchased at WWW.IVI.IE/IT-CMF

The Innovation Value Institute (IVI) is a multi-disciplinary research and education establishment co-founded by Maynooth University and Intel Corporation. IVI researches and develops better management practices to assist business professionals deliver IT-enabled agility, innovation and value. IVI is supported by a global consortium of likeminded peers drawn from a community of public and private sector organizations, academia, analysts, professional associations, independent software vendors, and professional services organizations. IVI is also supported through Enterprise Ireland’s and IDA’s Technology Centre programme.  

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