Chemistry Dept. Seminar Series

Sweetness and Light: A Journey Towards Diagnostic Tools by Dr. Joseph Byrne from NUI Galway
Friday, December 6, 2019 - 13:00
Physics chemistry theatre, PCT

Dr. Joseph Byrne from NUI Galway will present "Sweetness and light: a journey towards diagnostic tools in PCT on Friday 6th December 2019. All welcome. 
The Byrne group in NUI Galway is at the early stages of a project to develop carbohydrate-based sensors for bacterial lectins as diagnostic tools. This talk will describe already published work which has laid the groundwork for this new project: namely, carbohydrate-based ruthenium complexes for antimicrobial and catalyst systems - "sweetness" - and lanthanide-centred luminescence and its use in sensor materials - "light". It will end with an overview of the on-going project