School of Business Launches New Certificate in International Business

Monday, October 2, 2017 - 12:15

The School of Business at Maynooth University has announced a new Certificate in International Business. The objective of this 20-ECTS Certificate is to provide visiting international students with a grounding in the functional principles of International Business. Upon completion of the Certificate, students will demonstrate an intermediate knowledge of the fundamentals of Business and Management in general, together with a solid grounding in International Business specifically. In particular, course participants will be equipped to critically assess the organisational, managerial, economic and societal implications of international business and management. Faculty in the School of Business at Maynooth University have expertise in International Business from the perspective of a subsidiary, regional hub and headquarters and this mixed experience is reflected in this new Certificate offering. Ireland is a hub for international business, with a very high concentration of non-EU (especially US) multi-nationals housing their European Headquarters in Ireland. In addition, Ireland is home to substantial multi-national manufacturing and services (e.g. Banking and IT). The overarching objective of the Certificate is to capture the discipline-specific knowledge of international business, including knowledge of professional and ethical standards while also developing key transferable skills in critical analysis, critical thinking and communication. A second core aim of the Certificate is to challenge cultural and management stereotypes, to question the application and appropriateness of frameworks established under more traditional perspectives and to build participants’ social and cultural awareness. The Certificate will be open to international students from the spring semester of 2018.