The first two weeks after arrival

We cannot wait to welcome you all to Maynooth University.
Please see the following information that will be useful in your first 2 weeks after arriving in Ireland!

We fully understand how challenging it can be moving to another country and getting settled to a new environment, that's why we have prepared the below checklist to help you familiarise yourself to Maynooth and better prepare you to make Maynooth and its environs your new academic home for the coming year.
Remember this list is by no means exhaustive and is listed in no order of importance:

A. Get to know your new campus
B. Ask questions and more questions! You'll find that MU staff, fellow students and even Maynooth locals will only gladly answer them
C. Get to know Maynooth  - all amenities are within walking distance from our campus. If you prefer, you can cycle too!
D. Be aware of the student discounts available to you in Ireland
E. Open a bank account
F. Join clubs and societies
G. Take note of the MU support facilities available for you


Timetable FAQs and Information about modules

Please check the following information from the Timetabling office if you are encountering issues with your Timetable. 
Understand that this is a particularly busy time (start of the semester) and therefore there could be delays in answering your queries. 

  • If you have questions like "I am registered but I cannot see my Moodle space" or "I changed my module choice in registration -when will the timetable be updated?" please check the following: 

FAQ Timetable Office