Important Action To Take During Your First Two Weeks

In line with current advice from the Irish Government, all students arriving from countries not on the Covid-19 Green List must restrict their movements for 14 days after arrival.
Restricting movement means staying indoors and avoiding contact with other people and social situations as much as possible.

This currently includes:
• Not going to campus (if not living on campus) or a workplace;
• Not using public transport;
• Not having visitors in your place of residence;
• Not visiting others;
• Not going to shops or pharmacies unless it is absolutely necessary.

Where there is no alternative, a face-covering should be worn.

HSE advice on how to restrict your movements is available here.

Students can reside in on-campus housing for the duration of the 14 day period, regardless of whether you are booked to reside there for the semester/year.

The Accommodation Office website provides further details on how to book.
Take a virtual tour of our campus accommodation here.



​Please also remember to make sure to bring your laptop or similiar device with you as these devices will be essential for your studies particularly for the Orientation events and sessions.