Sinead O'Sullivan


I chose to do the BSc Science Education programme while completing my first year in Biological and Biomedical Science in Maynooth University.  While I loved Biological and Biomedical Science I always knew I wanted to teach within the sciences as my career.  For this reason, I transferred into the Bachelors degree in Science Education as a second year student.  The course coordinator, Majella Demsey, was extremely welcoming and enthusiastic about my transfer into the course which helped me settle in straight away.  Although the course was very challenging and dipping in and out of teacher and student personas was unusual for an undergraduate, it was highly rewarding and forced you to improve your professional persona from a young age.  It was a fantastic experience to complete my teaching practice as an undergraduate and to this day I get compliments on completing such a professional degree.

I am currently completing a Masters in Biotechnology in UCD.  Most of the skills I learned from Science Education have given me a great platform off which I can excel in any field of study.  In saying that, my future as I see it at the moment still lies in the art that is teaching.