Jonathon Murphy

Graduate Management Trainee - Finance & Accounting
Lidl Ireland GmbH
Main Road, Tallaght, Dublin 24
Bachelor of Business Studies

Analytical Skills: Developed through persistent analysis of financial statements and the tools used to analyse them.
Critical Thinking: Thought-provoking and engaging lectures and assignments pose questions and scenarios which push you to think deeper and be critical when it comes to performance. In business, being able to critically analyse different elements of operations allows you to push higher standards and identify areas of improvement so much quicker.
Presentation Skills: Group and individual assignments allow you to prepare and present presentations which also improve communication and teamwork skills, both of which are essential in any business!
Research Skills: Research assignments allow you to develop your research strategies and how you gather and present information.


Apply yourself and engage with the course material as much as you can!
It's not just for the higher results you will no doubt receive when applying yourself, it's the hard and soft skills that you will develop as an individual that will only further benefit you further down the line when applying for positions in companies or even for further education.
Get involved with the clubs & societies!
Companies put great emphasis on creating a positive work environment and the social element of this plays a huge part!
It's like everything, the more you put into your studies and time in Maynooth, the more you will get back from it!

Graduated from Maynooth University in 2016 and joined the Lidl Graduate Management Development Programme the same year. I completed my studies there in Business & Accounting and joined Lidl on the Graduate Programme in the stream of Accounting & Finance.
I'm only at the beginning of my career journey but the skills developed in Maynooth gave me strong foundations to build on for the rest of my career.

My current role is very diverse. The Graduate programme has provided me with the opportunity to actively engage and contribute to all areas of the Finance & Accounting Department. I'm currently working on some very interesting projects within the Accounting department and within the company as a whole.

Everyday I've had in Lidl has been different to the next.
Responsibility is one of our core values and it is plentiful in my role!
There is an internal desire to continue to improve whether it be through operational efficiency or through constantly striving to improve the environment in which we work. This desire and trust in Lidl actively encourages innovation and this alone is extremely interesting and challenging, but so rewarding!