Anna Brady

VAT Technician
KPMG Ireland
Dublin, Ireland

I am an integral part of the VAT compliance team in KPMG, with over 150 clients that I am solely responsible for. I am also currently working through my Chartered Accountancy qualification with KPMG and ACCA.

Signing my permanent contract and becoming VAT compliance supervisor.


  • High level VAT reviews to identify VAT saving opportunities, compliance efficiencies and potential exposure to VAT liabilities
  • Devising and implementing planning strategies to help reduce VAT liabilities and costs, particularly for clients without full VAT recovery
  • Advising on the VAT treatment of high value transactions, such as property and M&A transactions
  • Advising on Revenue VAT audits, including pre-audit reviews and subsequent dealings with Revenue officials.
  • VAT compliance services, both in Ireland and internationally, including VAT registration, VAT returns and cross-border VAT reclaims
  • Development and preparation of VAT compliance manuals